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Reza Aslan's mistake.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, October 16 2015, 0:47:59 (UTC)
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Website title: to seriously debate people like Sam Harris...defending or even explaining Islam. All religions are nonsense and superstition and maintained by brainwashing children at an early age...but the issue with Islam today is not Islam, is not even Muhammad, not even the Quran...the issue is that people like Harris are using the silliness of Islam as a pretext for the murder of Muslims and the despoilation of their lands.....THAT is the issue.

ANY excuse used to kill people is wrong and is a much more cogent topic than whatever silly religion those people believe...the issue is KILLING THEM, never mind the nature of the silly reason.

Muslims are fighting mad not because Islam tells them to be mad but because marauding Christians have made them mad....they would be just as mad if Jews or Buddhists were attacking them just as Palestinians would be pissed at ANYONE who stole their lands and killed their has nothing to with the religions of the combatants but what those people are DOING, not what they believe.

As proof of this we can see that Islam never bothered attacking the West until the West went too far...for centuries, with the same "violent" beliefs and "call to jihad" Muslims bothered no one...why? Where was all this blood and guts and suicide bombers AlL those years? If such things suddenly appeared we have to ask "why"? Why now?

And, interesting ly enough, for all those years, say the last 300, Christians have been doing nothing BUT killing, first of all each other and then everyone else. So...WHO has a religion of violence?

Reza should not be explaining or defending Islam but asking why Christians are attacking Muslims....why THEIR religion approves of such awful the Hoolocaust? Who's violent?


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