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Reza disappoints....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, October 5 2014, 16:27:39 (UTC)
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...sad to see that Reza is religious. Another smart stupid person, but at least he challenges gringos on their ignorance of Islam and Muslims in general.

He says something like religion is just a language to express the ineffable, the spiritual etc. If that was all it was it wouldn't require "teachings" wouldn't have holy books....and it wouldn't be standardized and they wouldn't have killed millions for their "wrong" religions (here I'm speaking of Christians being the killers).

If it's such a personal thing, a language with which to express YOUR sense of the spiritual or of "god", if you must have a male god...then it would personal and private to each individual.

The Golden Rule is the best "religion" ever invented.


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