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Ringling Bros. Circus Shuts Down!!!!!
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, January 15 2017, 15:50:52 (UTC)
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...that brought a smile to my face, which is one smile more than I ever got from that fucking show. My parents took me to see it back in 1955, in San Francisco. I hated every minute of it...the clowns especially. It was a huge bore with three acts going on at the same time, to keep away boredom I suspected....couldn't wait to leave though my parents were sure I MUST be having a good time...I don't remember anyone laughing or screaming or giggling...just a lot of mute, staring faces amid the honking and shrieking and claxons and horns and band was like a madhouse with bright costumes and abused pets.

...does anyone REALLY like a clown?


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