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Ron Paul for president?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 9:55:48 (UTC)
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Supposedly he is running again in 2012 and believes he has his biggest chance ever. I don't care much about the guy but my brother is a huge fanatic and worships the guy. My brother didn't know who the Ron was until he saw some video on how the Fed reserve is illegal and Ron Paul was on there talking. That's where it all began and today he loves him. I have never voted and never will but I do agree with a few things Ron wants to do. I agree with his views on foreign policy, ending the fed reserve, ending the wars and leave others alone. I don't believe he has a chance to succeed and he would never become president. Those things he says sound good but there is another side my brother and his other fans miss out on.

When Ron Paul says to get the government out of our lives, more freedom, etc, he isn't saying what my brother thinks. He means no more social networks, and no benefits. No welfare, food stamps, affordable housing etc. He hates any kind of cash assistance and his title says it all. He is an extreme conservative who doesn't believe in any kind of help. He is against health care coverage for all and just another capitalistic pig. My brother can't see a doctor but praises Ron Paul and says he will change thinks. He wants no regulating the market which means endless capitalism without limits. He is wealthy of course so he is crying for his own ass. He says he paid his own tuition and so should others but he was able to do it because he was rich and life was cheaper. His son is even worse and a huge racist. He openly admitted he didn't want a mosque on his turf and hates socialism also. He has some kind of clinic in KY and he does not accept medic cards or any kind of govt type health cards.

So he isn't talking about freedom as in do whatever you want but he is talking about stop all spending at home and around the world and starve people even more in the US. This dude has no chance and I don't know who would take him serious or vote for him, but I do like is position when it comes to the wars, foreign policy and ending the fed reserve. I don't think he will make it and we know what happened to Kennedy when he was about fuck with the bank and end it.


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