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SF Zoo Escapee Acts Like Normal Tiger For Once
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 0:51:45 (CET)
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..I don't get it. Humans lock animals up...some of them truly magnificent, like Siberian tigers, in cages or encloseures, which are just as bad..for years until the animals grow old and die...never experiencing a river, snow, starry nights or natural surroundings of any real kind...feeding them raw meat and thereby depriving them of expressing their milienia-bred hunter's instincts or natural lives...putting them on welfare and on constant public display...and then one day one of them escapes, as one did this week in San Francisco, and finally the bold and beautiful cat gets to act like a real nature bred it to and as its species adapted killing the first human...a piece of walking meat, for a change...getting some revenge for a lifetime of indignity and cruel mistreatment...and the Tiger is to blame? Not humans? But the ANIMAL?

Glad to be free the tiger next mauls two other humans who'd come there that day to enjoy the animal's misery...and the cops kill the tiger??? Why?

Who brought the tigers and animals to prison? What was their crime? Are they Muslim tigers and lions and wolves and bears and buffalo? Are they Jewish camels? Just what crime have these beautiful animals committed, all of whom have been chased off their indigenous lands, that they should be treated as criminals and a menace when they finally, through an accident, act like God intended them to?

The criminals here are the humans who treat animals in such a their unwitting accomplices who make zoos profitable and viable. If the humans do their job of being wardens better, animals in captivity would never get out...they could have locked the tiger back up and made sure it never got out why kill it?

Was that to teach it that it was wrong to kill a human? I see the tiger as the victim here...not the humans. It's like attacking Iraq and then blaming Iraqis for fighting back. Who committed the initial act of agression? Aren't people allowed to use deadly froce in protecting their homes? Are they supposed to lay down and die, unresisting, just because the criminal is a Christian?


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