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Sargon Dadeesho's Tax Returns
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 15 2007, 20:18:22 (CET)
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...we'll soon have a link on the home page with copies of 2004-06 tax returns for his bingo empire. I can't make much out them for myself, you're welcome to try...but I've been told that in summary they show the parlor of assyria took in 1.6 million anually but operated for a loss as 1.7 million. Total of money paid for charitable purposes, the ones he yells about and which Magpie hyperventilates over amount to a whopping $30,000 per year...less than one-tenbth of one-tenth of two-tenths of his asshole. His salary, above the table, is around $24,000 a year, making him his second most expensive charity case.

...I have no doubt he skims here and there and only hope someone tells him I said so he can sue me.

...I also have no doubt he can spend more than he takes in....or that bingo parlors cost money to maintain.

...The AID society, on the famous other hand pays only one part-time secretary and some 87 cents out of every dollar go to actually benefit someone besides the staff and directors...while Sargon sends the dust from his coins to help anyone. Sargon, even with his $1.99 diploma needs to make money from somewhere, Narsai has many other ways open to him and always has....without stooping to collect small change from home-bound old folks to be their hero for Ceres.

..anyone who can make more sense of them is welcome to try....they should be up soon.


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