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Scolding Turkey
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 28 2007, 2:31:29 (CET)
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This paragraph was lifted from another whining appeal for "justice" for Christians...from Zindalite, where else?

"The world cannot shut its eyes and pretend that it does not know, hear or see. Wars cannot be a television series, and victims cannot turn into numbers without a flinch. Man cannot be neglectful towards any victim at any time in any continent for any reason. Silence is an accomplice to evil, and global conscience must remain alert to the rights of every human being. Right does not necessarily belong to force, so until when will the world shut its ears to the calls of innocence and follow its self-interests?"

...the world has shut its eyes for the last 17 years while the people of Iraq have been killed off, like fish in a barrel, by Christian nations. If the conscience of the Christian world isn't bothered by this, why should anyone care about what happened 70 years ago? Stop THIS massacre first...then we'll talk turkey.


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