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See...the point is not......
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 15:07:07 (UTC)
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...that Islam has produced violent criminals....the entire human race has done that in abundance. The point has to be that Islam has done better or worse at producing violent human beans. It isn't enough to keep wagging a finger at Islam and attributing every Muslim's criminal act to that religion, you have to show that Christianity has been much better...especially if you're going to pretend that you're equally upset at ALL religions, as Maher, Hitchens and Sam Harris pretend to be.

Assyrians say they have suffered..okay, so what? Show me that you have suffered MORE than anyone else can expect to suffer in this world and I might care...otherwise it's all just noise.

When a coalition of 41 Christian nations pick a fight with one Muslim nation that we knew all along had done NOTHING to any of them...and that's perfectly okay and still going on, how the hell do you have the nerve, or intellectual pretension, to go after the religion, the RELIGION, of those you are unfairly and illegally attacking? How? Why aren't Hitchens and company focusing more on Christian violence and not on the paltry defensive measures of those being attacked?

Would they focus on the rape victims efforts, violent though they be, to defend herself while ignoring the violence of her RAPIST? Do these WHITE MEN prefer a woman to remain docile and calm while a man rapes her? Would they say it is her RELIGION that makes her defend herself and not her sense of justice, common decency, self respect and self preservation? And...would they then IGNORE the religion of the rapist and what part it played in bringing on this violent and illegal and immoral behavior? Is it just "normal" for a man to want to rape, but IMMORAL for a woman to defend herself, especially by violent means?

I mean REALLY!!!


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