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Shane......the movie
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, October 28 2015, 23:27:20 (UTC)
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Love that film. It's a credit to almost everyone connected with it, lighting, sets, art direction, cinematography etc., that the film is as great as it is even with the ridiculous outfit Alan Ladd is dressed has to be great to overcome those frills and buckskins, not to mention the gun slung practically at his armpit.

The final scene, which gets me every time...of the boy, more or less exposed except for clinging to the side of a building, in a town which actually looks like the real thing...a boy on the cusp of early manhood, in them thar days of yore, lost in a wilderness town as barren as the wilderness itself....calling out the name of his hero...his ideal, his wished-for adult self....that echoing call makes my skin tingle every time and always will.

And then there's Jack Palance...a more menacing and mean bad guy there never was...the way he dismounted his horse, wary and slow...ready for many beautiful touches you wonder it ever made it out of Hollywood alive.

And of course the director wasn't bad either and that other fella too and what's-his-name.


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