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Simele again.....
Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Saturday, December 2 2006, 3:54:54 (CET)
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It appears as though Kenbo - who obvuously has the US administration's best interets at heart - is laying the ground work for the Baker plan. A gradual "withdrawal" from the West of Iraq and Baghdad. The Americans will of course try and withdraw their forces to the north and south where their bases reside. They will then illegitanetly maintain their Kurdish autonomous zone to protect the Kurd's human rights and the Kurds will establish an Assyrian autonomous zone for the Assyrians using them as a buffer against the incensed Sunni freedom fighters who will eventually begin to head north seeking revenge.

Sargis Aghajan is if course being used by the Kurds to bribe our churches into providing support for this move and Mar Dinkha himself has sold us out for the millions he's been promised to build a seminary and churches.

But don't take my word for it here's Nimrod baito from the latest issue of Zinda Magazine:

Z: How hopeful or confident is APP that the Nineveh Plains or some form of an administrative region will be established?

To answer this question, we have to know who will support this notion and who is against it. We know for a fact that Sunnis will be against it because you are snatching a part of the Mosul governorate and attaching it somewhere else. As for support, we have worked in the past with the Kurds on this issue. We had seen good indications that they will support this notion. We now know for a fact that they are supporting it and that gives us high hopes and confidence that it will happen. We now see a major political faction supporting our notion of an administrative or autonomous region. We are pressing in this direction at this moment because we see a major political faction, a major player, supporting us.

We also had another meeting today (October 21, 2006) as well as one two weeks ago, with all the major Assyrian political parties, excluding Zowaa and others, who chose not to attend, to summarize our demands and ideas on this issue and submit it to the Kurdistani parliament. This is giving us more hope.

We must also realize that this will probably lead to more attacks on our people in the area, but this is not something new. We have been seeing attacks against our people in the Mosul area anyway, and I think we have to live through this and work through this.


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