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=> Since US is so concerened for Muslims

Since US is so concerened for Muslims
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, June 6 2011, 2:46:32 (UTC)
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They should start bombing the leader of Yemen who was just wounded. His people want him out and he has never done anything for Yemenis so they should do what they do to Libya but they are just ignoring. It's clear that certain dictators are allowed and almost all of them are employed by America. Nazi Bush announced his list of axis of evil and it consisted of Saddam, Qadaffi, Castro and Korea's Kim Jong Il; he should have added himself on that list along with his daddy. What the names on that list have in common is that they all care and provide for their people. The US doesn't hate dictators since it brings them to power to begin with but it despises those who care for the interest of their own people and nation. Of course the US will try to kill Qadaffi and his sons because he has been using Libya's wealth for his own country. They have every reason to hate all those guys Bush's hit list but one has to give credit to those leaders who have made it and stood their ground against the tyrant.


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