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Some more credit for Pancho
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 0:48:57 (CET)
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You know one can't miss the fact that this forum is perhaps the only Assyrian forum which does not delete, ban or check the posts. The fact that a person has to be a registered member in order to post elsewhere proves what kind of forums they have. That is not the case on here. Where else can all views and sides be heard and we can communicate freely besides this forum. That is the exact reason why the hatemongers talk down on this forum and on Pancho perhaps because he grants such freedom on here and they hate this. In other places there is always a rescue button but on here there isn't. It's like "you're on your own" and they can't survive this way. Little no wonder they look like "champions" of "Assyria". It's quiet easy to look "omtanaya" and "undefeated" when there is only 1 voice heard or the there is no challenge. But, when such "champions" are really put to the test, the whole scenario alters and they prove to be the most foolish in no time.

Such people can be compared to the Jehova's Witness and other cultists of Christendom. They been taught to keep talking and not not give the other person a chance to refute or even make a case. This is the same case with them. They can only look good when the moderators are on their side or whenever they are the only ones to get a turn to speak. If they are put in the ring like this one, there is a whole different situation and they fail miserably.


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