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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 23 2011, 14:35:22 (UTC)
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1. America is a is a huge mega-corporation...built on liberal democractic brochure-fiendly twaddle. Maybe it didnīt start out that way but this is what it is now.

2. Big business do not engage in humanitarian enything...not unless it promotes business. The United States could give a damn for its own starving citizens, for the millions languishing in poverty and then in prison...because prison too has become big business...everything becomes big business when business is all you care about.

3. Whether in Iraq, Israel, latin America or Libya, the bottom line for us diplomacy Wars and warlettes in the MidEast are great for business...especially for our two biggest businesses, oil and weapons....the same "instabillity" in the "oil markets" which our weapons sales and policies bring about also provide the excuse to jack up oil can you go wrong with wars that make more money than peace ever could? Now if only coffee came from the MidEast they could raise those prices as well.

4. None of this will change from the top...and since no one seems interested in changing it from the bottom, it wonīt change. It never has....America isnīt the first empire to do itself in...we will destroy ourselves with success...with the success of the uber-rich...the rest of us gave up long ago.

5. We could change stuff...we could change everything, if we wanted to...not by voting...fuck the vote...the hell with choosing whether you get reamed by a flagpole or a telephone pole...donīt come to em calling that a choice.

6. Obama is the poster boy for the new Fascist...hell, "heīs Black too"! Hitler was a Model T Ford...lumbering, smokey, fitfull, unpredictable and held together with spit and baling wire...Obama is a Rolls Royce...smooth, quiet, jackboots, no stiff fact, nothing to WARN you at all.

7. As Maddow pointed out: when simple populist economic measure are up for a vote, like minimum-wage, people, but decidly more Democracts, flood the polls...and in their rush to vote in ten cents more an hour for themselves, vote in Democracts...but that isnīt the good news because Democrats can be bought as easily as anyone else.

8. The real good news is that we, the peepil, could place almost anything economic on the the initiative process....not only the screwy Jesus people can do it with their hate-gays measures and the you-canīt-fuck-like-that initiatives...others can do it too...with minimum-wage raises and health insurance and no funding for wars....we could put an initiative on the ballot raising the minimum-wage, a starvation-wage to $20.00 an hour PLUS benefits...we could do it...but we wonīt. We could pass an initiative demanding that Bankers pay back what they stole form us...what they have obligated US to pay interest on for they dponīt pay taxes anyway.

9. We could...but we wonīt. And you can thank God for that...literaaly thank HIM...this is the reason politicans and kings and tyrants love religion...because short of a gulag alternative, faith in GHod keeps you believing that HE is testing your arse to see if you are worthy...drum that into children well enough and long enough and they wonīt bother working for their self-interest...not here on earth anyway...not when they can be looking forward to their mansion in the sky.

10. I think the radiation leaks in Japan are Godīs way of testing us....I plan on failing.


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