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Still Waiting For ONE Example...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, November 28 2007, 17:55:09 (CET)
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...the ethnocide gambit didn't work.

It was merely intended as a distraction from the real issue. For decades our Christians have spread lies about how Islam forcibly converted us...and how they killed us JUST because of our religion. No one in the assyrian camp has seriously challenged these lies because they play in so neatly to our prejudice, bigotry, racism and embarrassment over our poor showing in the world...considering we claim to be directly descended from the real Assyrians of long ago.

These lies are spread by the same kinds of people who, as children, blamed everyone else for their fuck-ups...and so Islam becomes their excuse and whipping boy. If not for Islam or the Arabs, Beth-Shlimon and Aprim and Maggie could have been "somebody". This, of course, ignores the fact that when safely in the West they haven't done a damn thing, as Assyrians, but only as Christians...and then as doctors, accountants etc. In fact, I think I must be one of two or three people who actually makes a living from doing something Assyrian...the rest of them would starve to death if they had to rely on their "assyrianism", as expressed, for example, in their atrocious "books"...and that's because they've made it such a mediocre thing to be you can see by the way they argue and discuss...they can't even TALK a good game, much less play one.

We're still waiting on Mumbo Jumbo to provide ONE such incident...


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