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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, February 1 2017, 15:28:36 (UTC)
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...ever wonder at the similarity? Syria is "Assyria" minus an "A"....Prussia is "Russia" plus a "P"....and they are in close proximity, Syria to Assyria and Russia to Prussia.

...has any Russian put forth the hypothesis that Russia also means Prussia...that there was a "lost P" somewhere back in history...and that whenever someone referred to Russia they also meant Prussia...and that Russians are really Prussians, i.e. Germans?

Of course not....but why IS there the similarity, in both cases.

My theory, where Syria/Assyria is concerned has to do with the Greeks, who ruled that region for almost 1000 years, from Alexander to the Arabs. The word "Syria" was first coined by the Greeks to denote the land of Aram...and they gave us "Syriac" for Aramaic and "Syrians" for the Arameans.

In English, born of Greek and Latin, we place an "A" in front of words to denote their in Asexual....meaning NOT sexual....surely the ancient Assyrians didn't call themselves Assyrians. When the Greeks translated the bible into Greek, for use by Jewish tribes in Egypt, where Greek was by then the common language of literature, they used Syrian in place of Aramean(no one knows why)...and since the ancient Assyrians had adopted the Aramean language and forgotten their own Akkadian, as well as the literature and history written in cuneiform, the Greeks may have first coined the term Assyrian to mean NOT Syrian...not Aramean, in other words.

Ok...maybe not, but then why is there a "P" in front of Russia when those two peoples are not the same? That "P" MEANS there is a difference, that Prussia and Russia are NOT the same...whereas we say that the "A" MEANS that Syrian and Assyrian are the same.


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