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THAT asshole!!!????
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, September 18 2010, 22:18:50 (UTC)
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...I know the dweeb. One of the saddest of sad sacks ever...another one, like Aprim who believes that he would have achieved somehting in life had it not been for the Arab Conquest....another engineer who appointed himself historian. I ran into him at conventions years back...he was giving away copies of a book of poetry heīd firsat contact with him was at the old aina forum back when John Nimrod threatened to sue the city of Chicago if they installed our Shumirum Monument on the campus of the University of Chicago...the city had put our gift on hold because thei lawyes advised against getting involved with such a bunch of assholes as we usually are...I went on aina to spread the word about what was happening in assyria, brave and prous assyria...I was going to the next Chicago convention to gather signatures to present to the city showing that many more assyrians wanted the monument, which assyrians paid for to the tune of $200,000.00, installed immediately....Peter answered that no one was interested in another assyrian public monument (Peter then lived in Chicago) and besides this was just a personal fued between Nimrod and me over MONEY.

I told the idiot that I had been paid long ago, that there was no money to be made (like he hadnīt with his poetry) and that I had assumed that Chicago assyrians would have welcomed the second assyrian public monument placed anywhere these last 2500 years...soon I was banned.

But what amazes about BetBassoo is that, like his fake assyrian identity, his name isnīt BetBasso either...itīs Jassim, or was until he changed as a way to show his displeasure at his sisterīs marrying a MUSLIM. Thatīs offnded was he, so angered and so ready to do battle against Arabs and Islam that he CHANGED HIS NAME!!! Like I said, names and words are evrything to these guys...they even take the place of action.

I read this silly "lesson" before...and itīs even sillier now.


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