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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Saturday, November 24 2007, 23:17:53 (CET)
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"Bravoooo, that is the whole point that I been making. Don't blame Islam for what Muslims do and that is the point I been trying to make."

That point is known by many people, in ways that are better than yours and pancho's... You and pancho hear something you don't like from some Assyrian, then you judge every other Assyrian of being the same...
Look how many things the idiot pancho accuses me of, when I never said or implied them... You do too, indirectly... You two geniuses do that because of your pathetic obsession... You create an argument for yourselves so you can feel good about spewing out your garbage... The sad thing is; you two actually "Believe" that the world is made of idiots like you... It isn't our fault if your Parents were too IGNORANT to tell you that MANY Muslim tribe are Assyrians in Blood... You carry the ignorance of your parents in your Genes, and you two come out here and blame other people for it...

"Islam simply remained pure from the time of Muhammad(pbuh) and the Quran."

That's what every other religion CLAIMS you FOOL... drop this BS about MY religion being PURER than all the others... GROW UP...

" As I already said Islam is not named after man, name,"

Which religion is named after a "man" you FOOL... If you are too stupid to realize that "Christ" IS NOT a name, who's fault is it?

"place or object but it simply implies "Surrender to the will of the God"."

ALL religions preach that INCLUDING Christianity... Don't blame Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, if you can't understand them...

" That is not favortism but just simple as that."

Simple for you because your mind CAN'T comprehend anything else... GET IT?

"Therefore, a "Muslim" is "One who surrenders to the will of God".

Blah blah blah

"By submitting to God and obeying his rules to the best of one's ability," one will find real peace starting from the heart and comfort. Simple as that."

So why then, Islam hasn't brought "peace" in the Muslim world?...

Let me tell you somethng new AssyrianMazloom.

NO Religion brings peace to anybody... It's YOUR UNDERSTANDING of it that does... GET IT? If you have an evil Nature, you stay evil no matter what religious books you read... You want "proof"? Look around you in YOUR Muslim world...

"don't know what you mean by "falsefied" but yes many people do take it out of context and misinterpreted both intenionally and ignorantly,"

And you think Christians don't do the same with their Bible?... My God you have so much growing up to do...

" but one has to keep in mind that the Quran has no "chronical" order, and, therefore, if one can take things out of context because it sometimes skips from one subject to another. It may be talking about one incident, and suddenly the next verse that follows it is actually speaking of a totally different event, time and situation. It was just the way it was put together after it was compiled, but when one carefully reads it one will grasp the real message and understand what is going on. Furthermore, we been blessed to have to Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh) which helps us in interpreting less detailed verses."

DO NOT claim to be an "expert" on Islam and the Qur'an... You know nothing about it... Why do I say that? Because if you truly understood the concepts in it, you would not sit here with a mouth diarrhea ...

"If God willed, he could have guided all of mankind to the straith way" but what would be the point in that if a person doesen't want to believe?"

If God willed, He would have put some extra brain cells in your head and pancho's. He didn't did He?

"It's not our duty to force people nor will God force us because he has given us "free choice""

But it's YOUR "duty" to tell everyone else how wrong they are with what they believe, is it?...

"until we die and then we'll receive real justice and real judgement."

What an ignorant statement, that Always comes from Fools that have lost touch with reality...... (So we'll go to Jan'na and receive SEVEN VIRGINS, ha?) lol

" Not the kind of judgement where if Goerge Bush does something he don't have to worry about showing up to fcourt, but if I fail to show up there will be a "warrant for my arrest". Real justice and real judgement comes from God who is "The Just" and the "Source of Peace" "As Salaam". "

Blah blah bla...

"So, don't try to accuse me of things I didn't do or try to flip the table around. Neither Pancho or I attacked Christians or Christianity,"

No! Of course you and pancho never attack Christians and Christianity... How could you?... YOU TWO IDIOTS NEVER READ YOUR OWN POSTS...

"but we simply point out facts"

Facts according to your 5 cell brain heads...

"of where and when Christians have done the things which they accused Islam of and continue doing so."

Muslims do the SAME thing, and continue to do, you fool... Do you live with your eyes and ears sealed? No! Of course you don't... It's just that you don't have enough receptors in your head...

"Of course there are good people among all communities and that is because of that "original nature"

If you believe that, who don't you talk about "Concepts", instead of judging people and their religion?

"I hope I clarified this"

Not to yourself and pancho... You still have a long way to go.

You wanna be nice?... *whisper *Discuss ideas without degrading anyone...*


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