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Taco...also a fraud...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, July 7 2013, 17:07:43 (UTC)
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...more than just being a fraud as far as being any kind of assyrian, he is a fraud when he says he's fighting for assyria. We are his enemies...the first line of enemies and he isn't putting up much of a fight..and we're not talking about guns and bullets either, just books and posts and such...he's even AOL, completely absent from the battlefield.

We identified our enemies from the start; assyrian nationalists. We chased after them, confronted them whenever and wherever they would allow us to get at them and even when they kept hiding and running, we found them and dragged them over to our place and slapped them around, without a peep from any of, who are Taco's enemies?

Besides Arabs and Turks and Qurds and Muslims, people he will never confront for fear...we must be counted among that number as well...and we're closer to home...and you'd think we'd be the easiest ones for them to confront...I mean the Tacos of assyria...yet, where are they?

...indeed, where are they...are they really "fighting" ANYONE...besides themselves?


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