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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 1:24:08 (CET)
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..It was most informative. I recognized the name "Longrigg" from a book of his I just read. This is probably the most useful purpose this forum serves; it allows real history to appear side by side with the self-serving propaganda our nationalists shovel all over the place. It also shows why they hate historians so much and are forced to call them all liars and "so-called" and traitors and the rest of it...because it's so damn obvious who the real liars and fanatics are, that they don't know what else to say.

...all we have to do is show their own words...compared to what the world and scholarship accepts...that and keeping an eye out for the "books" they produce which are "printed"...not published. In some cases there are even Christian publishers who try to give some validity to their propaganda by appearing as legitimate publishers...but it's all propaganda.

A good rule of thumb is to never trust any book written by Christians which seeks to smear other people with THEIR crimes. We know enough to doubt any book which tries to prove that Jews deserved what Christians did to them....for once let's try to be ahead of the curve by realizing, right NOW, that Christians are doing the same thing they did to Jews, only now it is the turn of Muslims....sure, they'll apologize and cry and even beg forgivenes, of THEMSELVES, in years to come...but it would be far better to expose this trick of theirs today, right now...and not wait until they satisfy their bloodlust at the expense of innocent people...always remember that of all the victims available to a Christian he loves most of all the INNOCENT one...better yet, the MOST innocent one. It's an offshoot of his bloody religion which still weeps tears of joy that Jesus was murdered, he didn't "die", for them. If they can accept that with such rapture, they can kill anyone.

If a Christian, a REAL one, had any decency he or she would REFUSE to benefit by the death of a totally innocent person who never did a thing to them...but they are raised just the opposite and you can see it as they murder Iraqis left and right...people who also never did a THING to them...which only makes them even BETTER targets...for a Christian is taught, at birth practically, that there is nothing wrong in accepting the murder of Jesus because he or she BENEFITS so much by it. It's a Jesus never intended but which the Romans saw great value in. The Spartans had their way of raising bold and bloody warriors...the Romans found a better one: Christianity.


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