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That One Christian War
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 29 2007, 22:00:00 (CET)
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This is all Andreas could come up with when confronted with a simple truth about the Second World War; that it was started and fought mostly by Chriatians against other Christians...with the result of 72.5 million killed...never mind wounded, missing, orphaned and widowed plus billions and trillions in wasted resources.

"Total number of Virgins worldwide killed as a result of "honor killing" by Muslims is so far 82.5 million...That's MILLION."

What I posted were facts derived from websites on this topic. Rather than deal with this in any intelligent manner Andreas creates fictional figures about virgins, his fixation. Elsewhere I pointed out how these Christians seek to change the subject by accusing those who simply state facts about them of the same thing or worse; after all, he produces no viable critique of those figures nor any source for his virgins. Andreas thinks that by making up figures of virgins murdered, he's somehow saved Christians from the consequences of the actual numbers, not made up, of people they have killed. He knows there are no such figures for numbers of Muslims OR Christians killed by what does he do? He makes up a number of virgins killed...a pure fabrication which he thinks will take the heat off the well-attested to numbers of people killed by Christians.

He tries to make his own fictions distract from historical facts...and thinks he's scored a "point" for Jesus when he's just shown exactly the kind of thing we're talking about. It could be that this wide disparity in what he thinks he is verses what he actually is, which eventually gets the best of him every so often, driving him into the shop periodically for re-tooling. He's a split-personality...split between stupid and dumb...but since these are so close to each other and overlap so neatly, he mostly thinks he's a whole human bean...until his stupid side gets so stupid he suspects there are two people inside...same can happen when his dumb side gets so damn dumb that he sees a narrow split between his stupid and dumb sides.

At least he knows enough to be ashamed...except he thinks to make things better by lying some more. Bless him.


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