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That Saudi Woman
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 28 2007, 7:02:36 (CET)
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700,000 Iraqi babies were starved to death by Christians...and it doesn't bother them a bit.

Over 30,000 of them were Christian babies...our Christians could care less.

ONE Saudi woman is raped and faced a beating as well...and Christians are OUTRAGED! And not for the woman's sake. Our soldiers have raped and killed hundreds of Iraqi women and girls and Vietnamese women and boys and African men women and children...none of that counts because the criminals were Christians.

What matters to our boys is who does the raping...or killing...or whipping. It speaks well for Islam that in 100 years we hear of ONE rape in Islam...while in the same time we know millions were killed by Christians...and raped.

Our people have no interest in that Saudi woman, except as they can slam Islam. They said nothing when that young, beautiful, 14 year-old Iraqi girl was gang-raped and killed by American Christians...her five year-old sister too...and her family. That didn't bother them at all.

Not only are they rotten assyrians...they suck as christians too.


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