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The Armenian Massacre
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 28 2007, 7:22:43 (CET)
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There's a book on the subject titled, "The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey" by Guenter Lewy. I'm going to read it and post excerpts. It's way past the time to explore this allegation in a dispassionate way to seek what truths exist, beyond Christian propaganda.

From a brief review I see the author seems even-handed. As with the tragedy of the Nestorians, the blame can be laid squarely at the devious machinations of the Christian powers who exposed the Armenians, after using them, to retaliation. The author claims it is the guilt the Christians powers felt at their betrayal of the Armenians which prompts them to back claims of massacre and genocide.

If America, after 9/11, can justify a war against Iraqis, who had nothing to do with 9/ much more justified were the Turks to launch "pre-emptive" attacks against Armenian and Nestorian collaborators and insurgents within their borders. No one is justifying any atrocity...but we have to keep reminding Christians of their part in initiating events which led to so much misery and destruction to our Christians as well as Armenians, especially when they piously declare Islam is "violent" and they are peacefull and loving people. Let's get real and get beyond propaganda.

I want no "books" by Armenians or Nestorian/assyrians. I want no books printed for hire. No Syriac manuscripts and no "eyewitless" accounts. I'll read any book by an Armenian historian and compare it to real history books written by real historians; academically trained, disciplined and with a firm scholastic background. The weight of history is on the side of the Turks who treated Christians and Jews among them with respect and consideration for hundreds of years until the Western Christian powers began eyeing the petroleum. It was unprecedented for the Ottoman's to massacre Christians JUST for being Christians...but it was NOT unprecedented for Christian powers to meddle in the affairs of other that their interference and meddling is THE issue which has to be explored and understood, because only AFTER their interference did the lives of Nestorians and Armenians change for the worse...not before.

The key then is Western Christian interference...not Islam.


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