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The Assyrian Manchurian Candidate
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 14 2007, 20:23:44 (CET)
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Those of you who weren’t around to see this Frank Sinatra film, “The Manchurian Candidate”, when it came out the year Kennedy was shot, missed out on the weird sensation this film caused. For whatever reason (the producer said there were copyright problems) it disappeared quickly and didn’t resurface even well after video cassettes came out. Then about 12 years ago it came to video, with interviews with Sinatra and the director. They talked about how the movie had caused problems since it dealt with the assassination of a president and then wham!, one was assassinated. Didn’t sound convincing. Even back then people were exploiting everything they could…why pull such a film? I don’t remember anyone being so disturbed that they wanted it disappeared.

It’s a good flick still, especially if you like Sinatra, which I do. But I was never as aware as until the very last time I saw it that it has more that’s controversial about it than the killing of a president…but it slips by a little too smoothly, especially with the suspense of the looming assassination. Very briefly; the film deals with a squad of U.S. soldiers ambushed in Korea who are flown to a Soviet island where they’re brainwashed and one of them is set to be placed into a hypnotic trance anytime he sees a queen of hearts in a playing deck, or anywhere. He’s been conditioned to assassinate the president and the squad are returned to a heroes’ welcome never suspecting what was done to them, except for Sinatra, who was in the squad and starts having dreams and begins to unravel the mystery.

The American contact and mastermind to all this turns out, ironically, to be the mother of the one they chose to kill the president…her second husband is a Commie-baiting senator who’s making a name for himself finding Communist agents everywhere in America…a la McCarthy obviously. The president is to be assassinated while making his acceptance speech at the podium during the convention. The senator, with his wife, will be seated on the stage and at the right moment the senator will rush to the dead president, grab him up in his arms, cradle his head dramatically, sure to get some blood on him…and then struggle to the podium to accept the nomination and go on later to declare martial law due to the presence of Commies everywhere, after which his party can dismantle the Constitution, as Bush is doing now. What the film is about, if not primarily, is that those in America most loudly claiming to be its protectors, by way of seeking out its “secret enemies” are themselves the secret enemies…hiding behind the best disguise there can be…patriotism and the “hidden foe”, when that isn’t enough super-patriotism, “Evil” with Jesus on the side.

And this, boys and girls, popped into my head as I read the post from SOS where he challenges the Kurds to “protect” Assyrian rights and lives…these sorts of people have been on the cheering squad of every event in he modern era that has COST Assyrian lives…more later.


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