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The Ball of Mess o Potato
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, December 1 2006, 9:07:45 (CET)
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Thanks for escorting me to the Ball of Mess O Potato. I had a blast!

I met some of the most interesting Assyrians. There were Anti-Assyrians, Anti-Muslims, Anti-Jews, Anti-Free Speech, Anti-Ideas, Anti-Iraqis, and just about everything one can imagine. I had the most fun teasing everyone, knowing that one minute they were Albert, the next Johnny, the next Baklawa, the next The People, the next, Babookh, the next Ashtar, Carol, Imo, on and on…………12 schizoid personalities wrapped into one.

We seem to have touched their "Christian" nerves, shattered their “dreams and hopes”, exposed their lies, deceptions, contradictions, fears, and insecurities. Not even Genghis Khan tattered them the way we did. Now that they have banned us, they can rest easy and get back to business as usual, with Albert and Johnny rewiring their hardware to RECHARGE them, like Orwell’s little machines. They are all paid puppets, taking turns and standing guard, ready to defend and justify their “missions”, like the good little Christian soldiers marching on to war And they think this is what it takes to raise Assyria, and they seriously think they are doing something for their people. ALL of them without exception are “selling Assyria Out” every second of the day, but each pointing the finger at the other for not being Assyrian, or Assyrian enough, or Christian, or Christian enough, or Kurd hater, or not Kurd hater enough.

What will they do now that I have proven to the whole world that their Rabi never asked for their “Little Assyria”? nor will he ever ! And what is he supposedly a Rabi in? Lies and Deceptions? He has been leading them ON for more than twenty years, and he can keep supplying them with all the parliamentary and complimentary money he can get his hands on to fuel the “Zowaa machine” round the clock. And what about the other Assyrian gabbas? They too proved that they never asked for a “Little Assyria”. And their churches? What have they taught these people? Thievery, lies, deceptions, hatred, and fascism? No wonder they are all broken down? Their leaders have whipped them good, robbing them blind and teaching them how to be good little sheep!

It is painful to watch…………Seriously, look at them! It breaks my heart to see how lost our youngsters are, and how our leaders are molding them into the same shape as they are.

Alaha Ashur help us all!!


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