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The Fallout
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, December 1 2006, 8:10:53 (CET)
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One down ... 999999 to go!
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006, at 1:44 am

Dear All,
Hopefully we are done with this nonsense (excuse my language) and if you agree that being the case; then I would ask for one favor to return to some serious debates. Dr. Arsan has raised, gratefully, in earlier message few serious and direct questions that I am posting again below.
Let's concentrate on a few things:
1. How can we support the Assyrian Nineveh plain politically in Europe and USA, promote it among the Democrats, Republicans, Christian Coalitions, Socialists, Humanists, CNN and Al Jazeera's.
2. How can we support the independent Assyrian political groups in the homeland?
3. Where are our Assyrian millionaires when we need them? Do we need them? is there an alternative way to let OUR money speak?????
Your personal insight, should you are concerned, is most appreciated on this very important subject.

Re: One down ... 999999 to go!
By:Gaby Kiwarkis
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006, at 2:46 am
In Response To: One down ... 999999 to go! (Alfred)

Just a personal comment, those are great questions but you can see for yourself this nation is not ready to answer them, it has not matured to the point of tackling any situation that involves other cultures, take away the new clothes, the cars, and clubs you’ll turn back the clock 200 years. This nation is interested in bitching and nagging not international affairs. We are too interested in religious affairs, they still have people like us somewhere in the world I believe in the mountains of Bhutan but unlike us they shake hands afterwards and they have a country.
I hate him
He hates me
He said this
They said that
My side their side
OOOOOPH give it a rest people, we are a joke even to Kurda!

Re: One down ... 999999 to go!
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006, at 4:04 am
In Response To: Re: One down ... 999999 to go! (Gaby Kiwarkis)

Brother Gaby
Every project needs first step to start and I think this first step will not be noticed by the masses until it sounds and is mature enough for the nation to accept and be convinced for any call for support. The burden is upon us who are unsatisfied with everything happening around us crying all day and night for our rights and land and lots more without even having any working plan.
This call is not for the nation as a whole because on one hand, the majority of the people are busy with their daily living necessities and nobody can blame them for not being supportive. On the other hand, it won’t be practical for any project to wait until the whole nation is ready for such fundamental move. I think Dr. Arsan is calling the elite of our intellects, nationalists, activists and those who are already involved to work a national project for the masses to follow and support. We must plant our tree first and show the masses our fruit before asking their support in caring and maintaining that tree.

Assyria shall Arise with the help of" The People"
By:The People
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006, at 2:14 am

Let us all learn from the past, and believe in the power of The People. This Nation will go from strength to strength, regardless of threatening disownment by some so-called educated, well based individuals, who claim to abandon the Assyria permantly, as a result of their frustration to deal with some logical Administrative guidelines recommended to govern this respectable Forum. These so-called patriots, were calling Mr. Johhny Michael yesterday, as an Assyrian Hero, for his televised interview with "". Today, these same sources are now proclaiming they can't put up with Idiots,ignormouses, and down-right-nasty, hateful low lives. And that it will be a great loss to Assyria if they fade away. They also strongly renounce their willingness to cooperate with a bunch of undeserving people!
Any person with a head on his/her shoulder can judge for themselves where the rationality of such desperation comes from. Assyria shall arise regardless of you and me, it is not the GOLDEN PEN and education that will lead this Nation to its final destination, it is the will of the AssyrianChaldeanSyrian people - and the continued struggle of those brave soldiers embedded on the ground in our country - Iraq.
Final words: Assyria is not for sale, and can't be bought. History is on our side because of our indigenous status on the Land of Beth-Nahrain. Assyria's strength comes from the support of its average and dedicated people. One person's might is a drop of water in the sea, especially people who are looking for fame and personal recognition.

Re: Assyria shall Arise with the help of" The People"
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006, at 2:44 am
In Response To: Assyria shall Arise with the help of" The People" (The People)

Khayet aziza, from here on we go forward, living out our destiny as individuals, and as a nation
Millions of dollars of propaganda cannot hide the sun that is now shining on our nation, it is our time to Arise and Shine
God is with us because he see's our sons being crucified, our nuns being killed, our priests behedead, our churches blown up, God has heard the cries of this nation and is saying
"Arise and shine, for thy light has come" ASSYRIA THE WORK OF MY HANDS

Bravo 4 fairly using censorship 2 stop nonstop bigotry & hate mongerin
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006, at 2:59 am

Why do some antiChristian people that post here not seem to mind any banning done in Muslim countries including deadly acts of banning, but banning from posting on a civil forum of an abusive nonstop bigot to maintain decency on a forum bothers these bigots, who on other forums I have seen not so civily ban by hitting a button on a keyboard, but by using the most vile tactics known to man to tear people apart with lies and distortions.
And by the way, the way when someone posst a remark, like some here just had to post in EVERY post at least one and often many hateful antiChristian remarks, most are lies and all distortions, generalizing all Christians negatively and with such lack of conscience given the precarious situation of Christians in Iraq now. This makes me not respect people that do that and please young people reading don't believe their pretenses to be the liberal, enlightened progressive ones.
That is the biggest joke for people that post ANY hate and bigotry are NOT the enlightened people, they are the lowest of humanities darkness, and don't believe those that post bigotry against some while claiming to do it for others, don't believe their filth, even if they keep screaming their delusions that they are supposedly enlightened. Me thinks they doth protest too much that they are supposedly the progressive ones when they are the destructive ones, with alterior motives or mental illness probably IMO. People like that arejust little petty cruel bigots.
Bigotry should and is censored, in most formats, like public forums. It is a more civilized form of public shunning, and that is all that is essentially happening here, and on that other forum those bigots keep promoting, they use the barabaric forum of public shunning, and based on lies, where here banning and censorship was done fairly IMO based on what bigotry and hate, same things over and over, more and more vicous that hateful cruel bigots were posting. And I have recently read another forum some antiChrisitan ugly bigot kept publicizing here, and they ban and censor there more so, but they just don't do it by clicking a computer key, they do it by smearing and humiliating people with lies, and distortions and bigotry and hate and sociopathic harassment. I take this forum's civilized cencorship over that barabaric one any day.
And I personally think not only should bigotry be censored, especially when people keep throwing in a antisomething bigotted remark that had nothing to do with the topic, but they obviously just need to paint a people negatively to generate hate against hem, so they come not to discuss, enlighten, share, progress but to me it appears, that they come here for the HAVE to put in a bigotted mark to generate more hate against Christians. That like is no better than Gibson's rant, Kramer's rant, and at least they had the balls to apologize, but some people just keep spreading their antiChristian bigotry and hate and have the audacity to do it under a supposed fake umbrella of painting those they hate and spread bigotry against as being what they are and worse.
I applaud this forum's owners/moderators for cleaning the bigotted broken records and think there are a few more they could clean up and will eventually have to if they want this to be a positive productive forum rather than a tool for despicable people to use to spread their antiChristian bigotry and hate.


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