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The Great Belly Dance War.
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 18:57:18 (CET)
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...aina has snuck a forum in on us. I got a kick out of "assyrian nationalism 101". This is about the great Belly Dancing War.....we won.

BetBasoo, Peter Pnuel
Posted GMT 05-07-2007, 13:37:44 I completely agree. Belly dancing is not Assyrian culture. Let's promote our own heritage. if a Jewish religion is assyrian "culture".

Cherie, Moneer
Posted GMT 05-05-2007, 11:44:20 Calling for Boycott of Assyrian/Belly Dancing Festival in Turlock California

I believe in all kinds of freedom - that is why I live in the USA. I believe people have a right to make an ass of themselves and I donıt mind because I enjoy watching them. I believe any private club can hold an event to make money because it is private and they are not committed to preserving our Assyrian heritage. I believe any individual can have a private party and invite any kind of entertainment they like as long as they let their guests know what they can expect to see, so that they can make a choice whether to attend or not. but

When it comes to an Assyrian Festival that is a celebration of our heritage as well as an opportunity to educate our American hosts about our culture, an event that is put together by the Assyrian Clubs and PAID FOR and presented in the name of the Assyrian people, we should be presenting a program that represents our rich Assyrian culture! An event of this nature should have no connection whatsoever with bringing foods and entertainment from other cultures, particularly the representation of the ARAB culture through the use and promotion of BELLY DANCING! To put this abomination under the umbrella of our Assyrian culture is PERVERTED and WRONG! Perception is reality here IN AMERICA folks!

With over 75 years of meetings, the fact that our board has the authority to make a motion for this type of perversion, arbitrarily approving something that links us to those who have been actively slaughtering our people for millennium - I DO HAVE A PROBLEM!

And if I am the only one that sees this problem, then our nation is in a big trouble. I promised myself years ago to uphold, protect and preserve the ³CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION²!

It is not only our responsibility, but also our obligation to educate the thousands who are unaware of those that died and continue to die today. We must also remember and assist in any way that we can, not only those who are being harassed and pressured to convert to Islam, but also those that are still being persecuted because of their Assyrian nationality and their Christian beliefs throughout the world. Instead of asking for their rights and safety, we are busy finding out how we can diminish our own heritage by preserving other cultural heritages?

The people in our homeland are under attack and we are bringing BELLY DANCERS to our convention, a symbol of the ARAB culture? What kind of idiot came up with this idea? Who are these perverts who bring forth a motion to approve this atrocity, and who are those who second it instead of protesting it? What kind of example does this set for our children and how can we demean our women this way? Where is our sense of duty?

It looks like all of our leaders are senile and they should get their priorities in check. We should take advantage of these Assyrian conventions to educate and have one voice for our people in our homeland. No wonder there is no respect for Assyrians in the world when we approve of this kind of leadership! Why donıt we just bring in some trailers, park them in the Turlock Civic Club and bring in some hookers? If money is the object, why not?

I sent an email to Carlo Ganjah, and received no response. I spoke to Alphons, the past president, and he said he was no longer involved. If we are not involved, does that mean we should sit on the sidelines and let our Assyrian heritage be hijacked by whomever?

GET YOUR ASS out of your comfortable chair and letıs be unpopular for a change! Let Your voice be heard!

Some of us are working so hard to let the world know that we are not ARABS. We always spell the word Assyrian so they donıt confuse us with Syria, and in the meantime our leaders are selling us out just to make chase after the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!

THIS NEEDS TO STOP and it will stop today if we ACT NOW!

This is a ³QOYAMA OMTANAYE² and it is time for our Assyrian Revolution to start today. We demand that those who sit on their worthless chairs of glory making these kinds of decisions on behalf of you and I, be RE-CALLED! The only names I have for them are PERVERT and SELLOUT!


You have two choices; you can either delete this message and ask to be removed from my mailing list, (and I am more than happy to do so because I donıt need any PERVERTS on my mailing list), OR You can send this message to your friends and family and get ready to stand and deliver! It is time to clean out the garbage in our backyard and dump it in the trash can where it belongs.

May God bless our beloved Assyrian Nation.

Committed for life to preserve Assyrian Heritage


The Gatekeeper


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