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The Gulag and Private Manning
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 16 2011, 19:50:03 (UTC)
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...what's being done to private Manning is anti-constitutional and we will regret it one day because we are allowing a new precedent to be set...and Law is all about precedent. We already allowed Torturers and Liars and Traitors go free because we didn't want to "live in the past"...has anyone heard that comment and not wanted to wretch?

Manning is merely accused of a crime..and the Constitution says you cannot be jailed without due process and speedy...their only real reason is to send shock and awe into the minds of anyone else contemplating revealing our government's crimes....even if he's found innocent one day he will already have been damaged for life...that's the message: "if you think the Constitution protects your rights, think again".

Soon they'll lock people up for demonstrating...hold them until they decide what to charge them with...and maybe never even charge them, just punish them's an alarming trend and it's going to bite us in our complacent arses one day, soon.


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