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The Korean Fandango
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, April 15 2017, 15:47:47 (UTC)
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...since I first heard we were feeding the North Koreans, way back when, I wondered, "why are we feeding our enemies?" If they're such a threat to the world and so unpredictable and crazy and all that, why do we send them corn and flour and rice and meat and everything they can't make for themselves? Are we THAT humanitarian?

..we tell our own people, down on their luck, that they must lift themselves up by their bootstraps, but we lift up the North Koreans?

We tell elder Americans that they should have thought and planned and saved for their retirement and we can't do anything for them now, but we send food to the Koreans when their stupid system and bad planning fails that they can't even feed themselves?

Yesterday for the first time on any media source I heard one person say..."North Korea has to be careful because of the food we send them"...and no one said, "excuse me?"...we FEED the people we say may trigger World War III? Is this normal?

Also yesterday we saw plenty of footage on TV from right inside Korea.....I thought it was a sealed country? I thought no American newspeople were allowed to broadcasts live...and yet there they were, talking into the camera while all sorts of weapons passed behind did that happen, and why?

Do the military nuts Trump has put in charge see their chance to scare us even more into giving them even more? Is that all this is?


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