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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 18:34:05 (CET)
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Website title: slam Christianity for the sake of it. It isn't to defend Islam either. But so long as Christians slander Islam, then they have to be prepared to at least, at least, hear the truth of what their religion has done and is doing today...comparing that to what Islam has done and is doing.

...Not all Christians are bad...neither are all Muslims good. The bad Muslims and bad Christians have more in common than not. And the good Muslims and Christians are very close. It's the bad Christians, not the good ones, who slander Islam by claiming bad Muslims are typical of all Muslims...and it's the bad Christians who distort history to make Muslims appear to have persecuted them...once more Christians need reminding that no one in history has persecuted and massacred Christians more than their fellow Christians...this has to be emphasized every time we catch Christians trying to deny their own bloody history by making it appear that Muslims were anywhere near as bloody as Christians have been and are today.'s just an effort to be fair and faithful...and you can see what these Christians do to one of their own, Dr Joseph, when he tries to do exactly that; give a fair and honest reading of history, for which he becomes their enemy. These Christians are enemies to truth. That's the simplest way to define them.


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