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The Post that Broke Zowaa's Back
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, December 1 2006, 0:14:42 (CET)
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The post below is what unleashed all the little "Programmed Zowaa Clones".

Is this what finally did you all in?

That was easy!

You can count on me ANYTIME to shatter your elusions, unveil your lies, and deconstruct all your myths.

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Re: To Ms Maggie Yonan
By:Maggie Yonan
Date: Monday, 27 November 2006, at 10:02 pm
In Response To: To Ms Maggie Yonan *LINK* (Johnny Michael)

Khona Johnny,
Inspite of your tremendous efforts, and with all due respect to you, what you wrote does NOT address my question.
You wrote:
I should also stress that a new 27-person constitutional committee has been formed in order to deal with outstanding constitutional issues; one of those is article 135 and how such an administrative region be implemented through a law. I am happy to inform you that despite considerable efforts by those who would like to see our rights absorbed by others, Mr. Yonadam Kanna is a member of the 27-person constitutional committee."

The TAL was dissolved with only article 53A incorporated into the final constitution draft, guaranteeing Kurdistan a region of its own. Articles B and C are GONE permanently, which means the autonomous administrative region that Assyrians could have formed OUTSIDE of Kurdistan, where the Assyrians are the majority "in three or more governerates" is GONE with it. When the TAL was formed, there were NO ASSYRIAN TAKERS to form a region of their own, (and that includes your Rabi).

You see, Johnny, I have nothing personal against your rabi, I'm only stating FACTS as per the permanent constituion article 152, which says: "Article (152): The Transitional Administration Law for the Iraqi State and its appendix are voided upon creation of the new government, except for what appears in paragraph (a) of Article (53) and Article (58) of the Transitional Administration Law."


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