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The Puzzle of Maher
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, January 31 2011, 19:35:35 (UTC)
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thereīs something particularly upsetting about listening to someone like Bill Maher whoīs so spot balls on with much of his commentary go so wildly wrong in his assessment of Islam as the greatest threat faced by the planet of any religion, ever. Part of the problem of even discussing this is convincing people that it matters very much when allcriminals are refered to AS criminals except when they are Muslim...then the RELIGION is cited and that person is said to be acting exactly as his religion dictates...this is never done where Christians are concerned...their religion is never mentioned as a contributing factor..or hardly ever. This gives the impression, over time, that the world is being beset by ISLAM...and if ALL Muslims arenīt criminals because they are Muslims, then someoutlandish percentage is pulled out of a Christian ass to claim that almost or MANY are. This is simply not true....the actual percentage of people claiming Islamic inspiration for their political acts is very small.

Is Bill Maher claiming that Muslims would NOT be fighting back if not for their religion? Or, are they doing particularly horrible things, things never done by members of other religions, that they would not do, if not for their religion? Like what? Blowing themselves up in a pizza parlor where innocents get killed? Has the United States NOT bombed pizza parlors in Baghdad killing innocent people? What horrible things have Muslims done, whether inspired by their religion or not, which the United States has done, and done lots more of?

Is starving to death 700,000 Iraqi children NOT a horrible thing to do? Has any Muslim done anything even close? Just why are Maher and Hitchens so alarmed over Muslim actions, even if we could blame their religion? Did Christianity inspire the Sanctions? And, if not, then politics must have called for why canīt politics be the source for Muslim bombers?

What was the famous Doolittle raid on Tokyo but a suicide mission? Who did they drop bombs on if not women and children? Yet they were all heroes...especially since it WAS a suicide mission with little chance of survival for the bombers. All received decorations and pensions for their that so different from Saddam honoring suicide bombers of the Muslims world and paying their families?

Canīt Maher understand that as much as he feels certain that Islam really is all the awful things he says it is, that people just like him were saying the same things about Jews 70 years ago, and believing them with as much passion and with as much conviction that they were RIGHT? Maher is very sure and smug in his "evidence"...but werenīt nazis just as convinced that Jews were indeed as bad as they said they were? Canīt he understand that ignorance, fear and prejudice ALWAYS manages to find its justifications? How can he laugh andsnear at one kind of racist bigotry and not ALL racist bigotry?

Does he mean Muslims have no reason whatever to be mightily pissed at the treatment theyīve received for decades at the hands of US governments and corporations? Can people NEVER get ticked off? How is it we all understand that Egyptians are fed up, and rightfully so, but Palestinians must take and take and take? And Iraqis too?

Of all three religions Christianity has been the bloodiest, the most regressive, the most imperialistic, barbarous and intolerant...ask any qualified Christian historian. Jews, until the United States discovered their uses, was less violent by far....and Islam hasnīt attacked anyone for centuries who did come attacking IT first.

To decry religion as superstitous, cruel, idiotic etc. is long overdue...but letīs not forget which is the worst and which has brought the world to this has been Christian nations who made the bulk of weapons and sold them to others and fomented wars between and among them....Muslims havenīt done any of this. Muslims are fighting mad not because of their religion but because when is being DONE to them...and, when they finally fight back, their religion gets attacked as hasnīt been enough to starve children to death but we must also attack their religion, the religion of their parents who have the gall to fight back...then we slander and murder their faith as well.

is there no end to how low Christians will go?


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