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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Wednesday, January 17 2007, 21:24:19 (CET)
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I believe this article sums-up not only the STATE Assyria is in, but the absolute hypocrisy, treachery, and mendacity that is modern Assyria!

I hope these liars, cheats, and scammers that we call "Assyrian politicians" KILL one another so we can be RID of them, once and for ALL!!!

EVERYTHING Albert Michael is accusing other politicians of, especially Sargis Aghajan, KANNA did, way before Aghajan appeared on the scene. Who can forget that Kanna PUBLICLY said "We do not want a SAFE HAVEN" for the Assyrians in Northern Iraq? Who can forget that the TAL dissolved WITHOUT Kanna asking ANYTHING for the Assyrians? Who can forget That KANNA and his modern Fascist ADM is, was, and will continue to be part of the KRG for EVER? Who can forget that when our people were fleeing northern Iraq and pleading with Kanna to help them, he told them, "What can I do, YOU ARE COWARDS!) Who can forget the MILLIONS of dollars that were collected from poor Assyrian widows that filled Kanna and Ninos Pityo's pockets, while our people were suffering hopelessly? Who can forget the schism Kanna created among the Assyrians, to the point we now have TWO ASSYRIAN CAMPS slinging mud at each other and calling each other CHILDREN OF SATAN?

Albert Michael and his HYSTERIANS think they are fooling the Assyrian people, but the MYTHS they create, the lies they tell, the contradictions they guard with their lives are DOING THEM IN even more, EVERYDAY! I hope you people finish each other off!!! People like you are the PLAGUE with which Assyria has been infected!!!

You are FURIOUS because the money is no longer pouring into your pockets, but going to the Assyrian people!

EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT, and let me know when we can bury you!!!

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A Political Struggle between Zowaa and the KDP
Date: Wednesday, 17 January 2007, at 3:06 am

A Political Struggle between Zowaa and the KDP
Albert Michael
United Kingdom

Someone once came up to me during the early 1980’s and asked, "Have you heard that we have an Assyrian militia in Iraq?" It wasn't long after, that I first heard the name "Zowaa" (Assyrian Democratic Movement) mentioned. Some will claim, as I assume they would do, that they too have been around since 1973 fighting for the Assyrian cause.

Nimrod Baito, the secretary general of the Assyrian Patriotic party (APP) and a Kurdish appointed minister in the KRG, recently sent shockwaves throughout the Assyrian world. He revealed in a Zinda Magazine interview, that his party was established in 1973 and in Baghdad! Of all the places that were available to them - they went ahead and chose Saddams' back garden to do it in! Amazingly, and only he knows how he did this, claims that the year after their establishment, he and other cofounders expelled William Shaul from APP after learning that he was a Baath intelligence agent. Many that know Mr Shaul have told me that he was a feared man and totally loyal to the Baath party! Meaning you “chose” your words very carefully and most certainly never talked politics or Assyrian nationalism when he was around! If Mr Baito could only reveal how he directed the operations of the APP from Baghdad to at least 1993 without he, or a member of his party ever being captured, interrogated, imprisoned, tortured, let alone martyred? Are you seriously asking us to believe that the APP, an Assyrian underground movement operating in Baghdad got rid of Mr Shaul and have lived to tell the tale? There used to be a common consensus in Saddam’s Iraq, that even if you dreamt about opposing Saddam, the likelihood were that you’d probably wake up dead! The reason why Baito, Shaul and others set up shop in Baghdad and had nothing to fear was because they were established as the “Assyrian Baath Party” with the blessing of the Ace of Spades! Whereas we know that in 1985 many members of Zowaa were captured and three martyrs - Yousip, Youbert and Youkhanna were executed. We also know that Zowaa has roots in the north, it has something to show from its' labor. Can Mr Baito please reveal what his legacy has left behind?

Around the time of the 1992 regional elections in northern Iraq where Zowaa won 4 out of the 5 designated seats, Bet Nahrain Democratic Party (BNDP) in Iraq emerges as a new political entity. What was the urgency behind the creation of another political party just when our Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people had placed their trust in Zowaa via the ballot box? Were the KDP shaken into action by the result of Zowaa’s popularity, hence the creation of BNDP? It was after those elections that the KDP finally realized that their totalitarian intent over our nation was now being seriously challenged. Zowaa has helped establish schools, building projects, medical centers, farming projects, etc, etc. It has provided food and shelter for the destitute and security for the towns and villages in the Nineveh Plains. And let’s not forget that all this was done with the KDP looking on anxiously. Can either BNDP or APP provide details of their achievements in Iraq, if any exist?

Zowaa has demonstrated in three elections, one regional and two national, that it has in excess of 80% of our nations support. In both of the last two national elections, Raabi Yonadam Kanna was the only Assyrian mandated into the Iraqi parliament by our people. The Chaldean Syriac Assyrian general conference (CAS), hosted by Zowaa & Mtaqasta (Assyrian Democratic Organization), which convened in October 2003 in Baghdad, declared the following:

1. The unity of our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian nation
2. Constitutional recognition
3. Administrative region in the Nineveh Plains

Read the complete declaration here: click here.

It takes a lot more than mere declarations to achieve any goal, particularly in our nations’ quest for equal status as shareholders of Iraq. Zowaa exemplified that when it enshrined our political, religious and cultural rights in the Transitional Administrative Law (TAL) and current constitution. And today we hear more and more people proclaim the decrees of the 2003 Chaldean Syriac Assyrian general conference. Sarkis Aghajan is one of them. He has said that we are one people “Chaldean Assyrian Syriac” and that our demands for an Administrative region be guaranteed, subject to, the Nineveh Plains being annexed to Kurdistan! Meanwhile, Sarkis Aghajans’ agents, financed by the KDP have infiltrated our communities worldwide. They are selling a Kurdish commodity named Aghajan, and to remove any doubts of his sincerity towards our nation, he is in a way being dubbed the Assyrian Moses! He that shall lead us to our promised land – after all, he is the one that demanded our own region from the KRG, right? Well, that all depends on what the KDP flavor of the month is!

I’m sure that it won’t surprise most of you to learn that just over a year ago, Sarkis Aghajan was in fact whistling a completely different tune! But now all the Kurdish appointed Assyrian ministers and officials have all come out one by one to back Mr Aghajan. This is wonderful, but we need to remind them that our nation will only trust those that are not members of a Kurdish political party or inspired by them. Furthermore, those whom we place our trust in have made it abundantly clear to the KRG that the issue of the self administrative region in the Nineveh Plains will be placed before the central government of Iraq and also subject to a referendum. In a recent interview on Ashur TV, Raabi Ninos Pityo, member of the central committee and former secretary-general of Zowaa, stated that neither the KDP nor the parliament of the KRG have discussed the mechanism behind the Nineveh Plains project that Aghajan’s spin masters are selling, other than it becoming a part of Kurdistan! Simply put, all they are interested in is increasing their territories at our expense. “The Christian areas of Kurdistan” - this is how the KDP and their well-trained Assyrian puppets would like the world to refer to us in the future. But this is the Kurdish vision and will remain Kurdish irrespective of how many Assyrians they purchase from the rejects stand!

Sarkis Aghajan Mamendu was amongst those whom met with British MP Dr. Robert Spink on his visit to northern Iraq in September 2005. According to MP Dr. Robert Spink, Aghajan and others were against the idea of an autonomous region for “Christians”, and that they viewed this as “propaganda” coming from people outside Iraq. Here is an extract of that report made by MP Dr Spink during a British parliamentary debate on 25 October 2005.

“I was keen to get the views of the Christian community. I spoke to Christian MPs, including the Speaker, Mr. Adnan Mufti, and the Deputy Prime Minister, Sarkis Aghajan Mamendu. I met the Christian Bishop and Father William Jacob, a Kurdish Christian church leader in Sweden who may soon return to Kurdistan, and Christian community leaders. I also visited the Christian community of Ankawa and spoke with ordinary Christian people, both Iraqis and expats from this country and from America, who have lived there for years.

Such people are supportive of the KRG and are pleased with progress. They are concerned at what they see as propaganda by people largely from outside their communities in Iraq who call for an autonomous administrative region for the Christian communities. That is being sold as a safe haven, but from what I saw and heard first hand from the Christian people in Iraq, and from their democratically elected representatives and community leaders, the concept of a safe haven is wholly inappropriate.”

The complete report can be found here: click here.

As one can see from the report by MP Dr Robert Spink, it’s blatantly obvious that Mr Aghajan is serving an agenda that is beyond his control? How else can he explain his sudden shift from one extreme to another, if it’s not what we all know it to be? The KDP have put an Assyrian face on their political struggle against Zowaa. Winning the hearts and minds of our people is the main battle. This is where the KDP hopes to score decisively by empowering Aghajan to maximize his “spend, spend, spend” policy as an enticement aimed at diminishing Zowaa’s support base. This is why, more so now than ever before, there is the need to be extremely vigilant and mindful of the rapidly unfolding developments, unless of course being referred to as Kurdish Christians doesn’t offend you. The fact is that Sarkis Aghajan is a leading member of the KDP. His loyalty is to his party first; he cannot under any circumstances implement his own policy without the approval of the KDP. Up until recently the KDP were opposing Zowaa’s right to demand a region for our people, they demonstrated this during the January 2005 Iraqi elections and then confirmed by Sarkis Aghajan to a British MP that an autonomous region is not what the “Christians” of Iraq want, that they are happy with the KRG and that this is all mere propaganda from those living outside of Iraq.

In his letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair in May 2005, Raabi Yonadam Kanna made clear the demands of the Assyrian nation. The core of that letter rotated around the following three demands:

1. The creation of an Assyrian (ChaldoAssyrian) administrative region in the Nineveh Plains,
2. The Return of all our lands and villages that have suffered from encroachment or illegal misappropriation.
3. The reconstruction of our towns and villages destroyed by the Saddam regime.

This letter was written whilst Sarkis Aghajan’s party was working hard trying to block Zowaa’s demand for an administrative region for our Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people.

I now invite you to watch an extract of an excellent presentation made by my brother Johnny Michael weeks before the December 2005 elections. In this video you’ll see MP’s, Lords and UK government officials, confirm Zowaa’s position in relation to its demands on behalf of our nation. The message is clear; our neighbours in Iraq must treat us as equal partners, and only those that were democratically elected by our people must drive our pursuit towards our national rights – anything short of this is totally unacceptable.

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