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The holocaust vs Armenian genocide
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 22:17:05 (UTC)
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It's not just Armenian but Assyrian, Greek and a million other Christians who pop up every year and claim Turks killed them. It is sad that what the Turks did was the first holocaust of that century and not the Jewish one. What happened to Jews with Hitler wasn't something that just happened during ww2 but was rather an ongoing process which happened over 1000 years before. Almost from the time Christians took over Europe and until the time of Hitler, Jews were attacked, killed and persecuted. Every year for Christmas and easter holidays, Jews were attacked and shops and houses were burned. Anti-Jewish sermons were given in churches and Christian kings approved the behaviors and attacks. So it didn't happen in teh 1930s or 40s but long before. The Armenians and others on the other hand, lived in the Ottoman empire for centuries without any kind of molestation or massacre. There was never a time before were Christians were harmed or killed by Turks. This is why it's hard for me to believe that suddenly the Turks became bloodthirsty and decided to butcher Christians.

Especially when this event took place toward the end of the Ottoman empire when Turks were no longer Islamic but nationalistic and it was the Young Turks who ran the empire and eventually ended it. So before Aprim or any of those point a hand at Turks and blame Islam for committing a genocide, they need to get their facts straight. It is still strange that this only took place in 1915 when the local Christians had united with western powers and accepted cash and weapons to fight from within. Why not 1715 or 1315? Why only 1915 and not any other time? Why were Churches in western Turkey still open and business went on as usual? All of the killings on all sides took place in the east where the wars were being fought. So it will take more than just words to convince everyone. It is no wonder that only politicians and amateurs believe the genocide stuff whereas non-biased historians have a different story to tell.

But let's also not waste time disputing something which is highly doubtful from almost 100 years ago when Iraqi children and adults were were mass murdered by the US and its allies.


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