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The only time a Christian stops being one
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, October 13 2010, 5:41:17 (UTC)
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is when he has been caught with crimes and is bringing too much heat to his religion. This is when Christians will say "he is not a true Christian". A good example was Jimmy Swaggart who was always regarded a champion of Christianity and it was only after he was caught with prostitutes and his religion was being mention when he became a "fake" Christian. If he has gotten away with it, nobody would call him fake. Are these Christians to tell me Bush is not a real Christian? How can they judge his intentions and sincerity? Or is it because he brings heat to his religion?

The Christian seems to be getting away with anything while he only becomes a fake Christian when his religion takes heat. I accept Saddam, Bin Laden etc as Muslims the same way I accept Hitler, kkk etc as Christians. It isn't my job to define or argue who is real or not. Christianity has been very useful and helpful to commit crimes with and that is the point. Even if Christianity doesn't teach those things, it still doesn't help prevent it. Columbus sincerely believed he was saving the Indians by forcefully converting them and baptising them because it brought them salvation. If it were not for the violence, there wouldn't be much of Christianity today and we would have thousands of more sects which would be much different from modern Christianity. The top Bible scholars who are almost all Atheists or secular only lost their faith after they studied the Bible manuscripts in the original languages and after studying Christian history. Anybody ever read "lost Christianities" can't go without raising an eyebrow.

I can't stand it when a Christian mocks Islam yet fails to notice the silly things in Christianity or more silly. They mock Muhammad for saying a certain something yet don't see how silly and fictional the life of Jesus is. Look in your own yard before someone else's because yours might be far worse. I think both religions are silly and I am not even going to start on the silly subject of heaven but I must also say that Islam and Christianity are different and do not share the same history. Are they similar? Yes, but not same.


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