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The state of Assyria
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Monday, January 15 2007, 23:57:42 (CET)
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The state we are currently in as Assyrians, is due to a large part to RELIGION, an opiate of the masses. Assyrians are deeply religious, yet lack the morality that comes with being a "true" Christian. Other than my own immediate family, as well as some friends and acquaintences, MOST Assyrians I know are two-faced liars, scammers, cheaters, manipulators, treacherous thugs, fanatics, and comatose imbeciles. And then we wonder why we are not getting anywhere!!!

No matter what political organization, or cultural organization, or religious organization leads us, WE WILL NEVER GET ANYWHERE. Why? For the simple reason that people with such values CAN NEVER SUCCEED LONG TERM. Such values are contrary to nature's laws. You may advance economically, but in the long run, NO ONE can trust you long enough to establish real and lasting alliances with you, or go to bat for you when you have a cause! Just ask ANY US or Iraqi politician if they trust a SINGLE Assyrian political firgure or organization and see what they say! The first thing that will come to their mind is that Assyrians are in DISARRAY, UNORGANIED, UNEDUCATED, NAIVE FOOLS, who cannot be taken seriously. Secondly, they CANNOT BE TRUSTED because if they stab each other in the back and betray each other, what will they do to an outsider?

Unless we start changing our FUNDEMNTAL values, we will remain in this state, permanently. There can NEVER be any hope for such a nation!

Our best bet is to KISS the Kurdish feet and beg them for a bone. Otherwise, we get nothing, because we amount to NOTHING!!!

There is NOT a single Assyrian that could be considered "significant" in the scheme of things. Hence, we will always be ignored and mistrusted for our primitive tribal mentality!

If we look at our relationship with the Kurds, we can see it goes back a long ways, and it is tied to the same goals and the same aims. It is not too late to establish those political ties with the Kurds once more, and together achieve our ultimate goals. No other Iraqi can help us, other than the Kurds. Iraq will be in a state of war for a long time, and Baghdad will have its hands tied, so we better forget about the government in Baghdad. Besides, they are nothing but Iranian and Saudi puppets, and no one can expect them to see the bigger picture of what's really happening in Iraq.

If we help the Kurds, they in turn will help us. If we look to the Kurds as a model,we can succeed as well. Just a few years ago, the Kurds were killing each other. But look at them now. What made the difference? When the Kurds came out by the thousands and marched through the streets of Kurdistan and threatened their government that if it allowed religion to mix in politics, they would all move back to Europe. Do you know what that means? It means, a) That when Saddam fell, most of their Kurdish exiles returned to Kurdistan, to calim it. b) They brought with the education necessary to implement a political structure that can work, and c) They left religion at HOME, where it belongs.

Unless we emulate the Kurds, we have NO HOPE! and everyone on the forum, in clubs, in organizations, in pal-talk, in church, or wherever they are sitting and discussing the stateAssyria is in, is WASTING their time.


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