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They Found a Historian They Like
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 11 2007, 20:31:46 (CET)
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Over at screechassyria there's an article by a "doctor of history" about the alleged Turkish massacre of Assyrians.

It was a very odd sort of massacre which left thousands of Assyrians alive and well in major cities of the Ottoman Empire. And, of course, no mention is made of the fact that the Christian minority of Turkey, in her eastern region, provided the access route to spies posing as missionaries, or doing both jobs, from the very powers than ammassing their forces to attack Turkey and dismember her for the petroleum they're STILL fighting over.

No doubt the Turks overeated, but no worse than the United States has in condemning over 700,000 Iraqi children under the age of five to die agonizing deaths from starvation and the effects of easily preventable diseases...and that doesn't include all the dead babies over five..nor their parents and relatives..neither does it mention the devastation to a country recently wealthy and advancing in every department from medicine to education and culture...and what did Iraq do to merit this?

Nothing, Nothing at all...but the reason given was 9/11 when the world knew then, at the time, that not a single Iraqi was involved...yet the United States, facing no danger from Iraq...went ahead and attacked the country and has been ravaging the nation and murdering and torturing its civillian population for 17 years who are futher demonized for daring to protect themselves, familes and country...and all the while Christian nations either help or stand idly by...a good reminder of what they did 60 years ago when another Christian nation was killing another religious group, the Jews..and th Christian world stood by and watched.

Turkey had far more reason to fear the Christian powers than America had to fear Iraq...yet nowhere does this enter the equation....America is excused and calls itself heroic, while Turkey is still blamed for confronting a very real which did indeed lead to the destruction of its Empire and war against its population, the murder of her people and the theft of her lands. Had Christians, Armenians in particular, expressed their loyalty and solidarity with their fellow citizens, no massacre would have taken place....for Turkey, unlike the Christian nations at the time, was a country which historically granted freedom of worship and security to Jews and Christians..something no Christian nation did throughout history and which Christian nations were then denying to Jews, in ways that would become increasingly horrific.

Yet none of this matters....or is included in a more complete picture of the surrounding events and the total politcal climate..instead, as always, relgio-nationalists pluck incidents out of context and for good measure, refer to source material heavily weighted to their own prejudices to begin with...most often to "books" written by Christians ever eager to slander they labored for centuries to do the same to Jews. Its; the same people...neo-Nazis on the rise weeping copuious tears for the plight of Christians...when it is Christians who have killed more Christians throughout history than anyone well as more of everybody else.

It won't work...I hope. Or we'll have worked ourselves up to another Holocaust...a real one, this time against soon after we finished our last one against Jews. In light of what Christians have done by way of genocide and massacre it is obscene to speak of what happened to Assyrian Christians as the same or anywhere near the same.

And, to underscore the hypocrisy and doubledealing of these sorts of "articles" one has only to remember that of all the Christians, in the thousands, killed by Christians in their attack on Iraq..not ONE has been lamented over, or wept over, or mentioned or found its way into any article condemning the "slaughter of innocents"..and the reason is because these Christians were killed by fellow Christians and as such were of no use to the nationalist Christian agenda...and have been swept under the rug in order not to cause embarrassment to the same Christian powers who have ever found a handy use for our apologists.


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