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To Assyrian Muslim re. Mucho
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 21:59:44 (CET)
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I was a little unsure at first, but Muncho is none other than our old “Andreas”. You might recall having seen him around bethsuryoyo before they banned him, as aina had previously and we never will. It took a little time to recognize the old fart because he must have only recently come out of the clinic he used to go back to periodically for retooling. I was let in on his delicate state by a Chaldean gentleman who begged me once to go easy on him because he “is not well”. When first they release him he seems normal enough, but as time goes on his gears begin slipping again and it’s off for another dose. Probably drug-enhanced, though I suspect electric-shock has been tried once too often.

He’s not even a Darkie, I mean, one of us. He’s a fish-belly German who was either married once to an Assyrian…or lived down the street from one. In any case he stumbled upon us and took great satisfaction for some time in buzzing around people he felt sure were even dumber than he is. He’s also a born-again Christian though he’ll never mention it up front. He thinks it adds “weight” to his observations if you don’t know…so you’ll not think to unravel him by going to the heart of his aberration…which is that he’s a neo-Nazi who hungers for Fuhrer with jackboots on to kick him into obedience. He longs for a “strongman” to attach himself to.

More so than most people who use anonymous names, the poor fellow IS anonymous. I mean he hasn’t much character or personality. He’s what Gertrude Stein meant when she referred to her home town of Oakland, California as a place where there is “no ‘there’ there”. He developed a special fondness for me because I abused him so thoroughly. The poor man loves degradation. The more you slap him the more he begs for another and another. This could be due to his being German, or masochistic, the one probably leading to the other.

His most persistent trait is the way in which he follows you around, yapping and nipping at your feet. He’s harmless, really. The only objection is that like most small dogs who yip at your heels there’s the risk he’ll piss himself and splash some on you. If you try to engage him seriously you’ll soon discover yourself talking to yourself for the man really has no ideas of his own. This lack of a center or core is at the heart of what ails him. At the clinic they try their best, I assume, to convince him he exists, that he has flesh and bones and a mind too. They pin him together and like all those used to being institutionalized, he holds up pretty well as long as there’s a padded cell kept warm for him.

The trouble comes when he’s released again. No sooner does he begin to interact with people, who aren’t paid to take an interest in him, than he starts “disappearing” again. When that happens he attaches himself to someone stronger than he…someone with a bold sense of self, whether at a waterfront bar in Hamburg, in heaven, or on some forum.

I said that you get the sensation you are talking to yourself when dealing with him because he only has something to say if you speak first. But whatever you say will not stimulate a response from him based on any consideration of what you just said…a thoughtful reaction or anything. What he’ll do instead…well, let me give an example.

Say you tell him:

“The method by which steam engines work is the expansion of water, turned to steam, through the application of heat contained within a fixed chamber where mounting pressure eventually forces parts to move.”

His response will be:

“So, you think the method by which steam engines work is the expansion of water, turned to steam through the application of heat and a whole lot of other silly stuff. Well, go back and check your facts again and this time try standing on your head when you do and remember Munchausen’s first principle…you’ll make more sense that way. lol”.

Needless to say Munchausen had no first principle, at least none that had anything to do with steam engines…but it sounds good and he knows you’ll never actually go checking the Baron’s works. But maybe you’ll think he has.

As you can see; he hasn’t said anything about the topic…just repeated your words with a lot of “clever business” thrown in, with some obscure name-dropping thrown in. It doesn’t matter what you say, he’ll repeat it in whole or part, adding some sarcastic advice for you to “try harder”, or, “surely you can do better” and what about Lord Chesterfield and what he had to say…. This is what I mean when I say there’s really nothing to him…nothing at the core and only a sponge for a surface.

Eventually this gaping lack of self or purpose gets to him, he begins to panic, I think, and sees himself disappearing as if he was written in magic ink. People stop responding in time and he collapses with nothing to lean against or sustain him. The only good thing you can say about him is that he’s ashamed of being a Christian. But I wouldn’t hold out much hope for him on that score. Up in heaven, if he gets that far, he’ll sidle up to God and say, “So you think that in the beginning….”.


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