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To the Assyrianmuslim IGNORANT of the Arabic language!
Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Thursday, January 15 2009, 18:36:37 (CET)
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The Assyrianmuslim Ignorant who wrote:
"I remember reading that not too long ago and there was also Dr Arberry one of the Englishmen who translated the Quran to English. He said not only was he crying throughout the entire process as he was listening to the recitation but he made basically the same statements as Will Durant. These are Christians saying these things and the likes of Jumblaya can't even support his statements with anything other than the opinions and false statements made by those he admires. The other day there was a Palestinian Christian, an Arab Christian, not Muslim, who was praising the Quran with pride and saying that it is the greatest masterpiece in the Arabic language. See the above Doctors, who say these things about the Quran, are doing so out of knowledge, consideration and free of prejudices. They realized how over a billion Muslims in the world and their entire lives are lived around the text of the Quran."


The first simple question a prudent person should ask which is, Is Muhammed a prophet or not? If he is a prophet , then the other question is the duty of a prophet to is write a master piece or to help others in a very simple way? I am positive no ordinary man will ask somebody to give him the prophecy in simple terms and in every language .
There are million of MUSLIM people around the world -one of them you -who recite the QUR'AN like a Pierrot without knowing what they are saying.
Then according to your prophet that he was dictated by angels who use to brief him these saras, then if that is correct, why your prophet take a credit in something is not of his?!
These few Europeans who are not CHRISTIANS in the first place they did to fool people where they know that they will have Good market in the ARAB market, so they wrote those things which actually if you think as a prudent person IT IS AGAINST ISLAM itself, but you are going tell me then why theid did it, the answer is very simple because MUSLIMS get blind someone praise their prophet and will be very happy for that.

Now, the other question is if that ISLAM with its brilliant messenger , YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF what happened to those CENTERS OF CIVILIZATION after ISLAM swept as the BIBLE said like a wind where the Arab ass and wild man took over the Middle East put these people in a very critical situation to be considered the most backward people on the planet.
Furthermore, as the BIBLE prophecy said , HE (THE ARAB MUSLIMS) will take over the land of his brothers and will be fighting every one and everyone will fight him - that is the situation right now , that is the situation that your MUSLIMS are running more than Christians to the west and one of them YOU MR.MUSLIM , if you believe in what you preaching YOU BETTER PACK UP AND GO TO MECCA or MEDINA AND RECITE YOUR HOLY BOOK UNTIL YOU DIE SO YOU WILL HAVE 70 HORYAS and rotten people like you will turn the paradise to a DIRTY BROTHEL!

Your QUR'AN no matter what other will say , to those who knows the Arabic language is RUBBISH in capital letters and here why :

> Your book is filled with contradictions.
> Your book is based on four sources and they are:
1) The Arab pagans
2) The Middle Eastern pagan beliefs
3) On the Old Testament and
4) on the new testament
> The language is Arabic with many mistakes and foreign borrowed words that Muslims don't know , and with words of abbreviation that also no COMMON UNDERSTANDING to them and are interpreted by your scholars in different ways.
> The style of the writing of such book is not ARABIC , but a style of our language which Syriac.
> Furthermore, the way of writing is not according to the Arabic , but according to our SYRIAC language and here some EXAMPLES and I challenge your MULLAHS on them :The following words is not written as the ARAB do these days:
-الرحمن , الصلوت , بسم , ثلثة , الحيوة ,الزكوة, جنت

The Arabs write them as the following:
الرحمان , الصلاة , باسم , ثلاثة , الحياة , الزكاة , جنات

Now these words which are not known by you MUSLIM people and interpreted in different ways by your scholars and I am positive you never heard of them if you ? please give a translation ? or you better stop your hallucination about your ISLAM which turn our countries to the third world and make you yourself flee from that hell !

كهيعص , الر , طه , الم ,



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