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To these DUMBS , Pancho and The AssyrianMuslim
Posted by JUMBLAT (Guest) - Tuesday, December 4 2007, 6:40:48 (CET)
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It is ironic that you are ignoring that fact of ARABISM and ISLAMISM, keep in mind these two famous processes in the history of the Arabs are invented by the Arabs themselves and NOT BY me , and these are the ARABIZATION and ISLAMIZATION and go read the Arab's History and Geography books where you will see them , if you don't know or heard about them, please don't depend on that stupid Professor/ john jusefus who is a tool of ZIONISM to distort our Assyrian history and identity.

Then about ISLAM and how the Arab Muslims treated the Christians in Syria, Iraq,and Egypt , there are many ARAB sources which refer to that .

The Arab historians like , Al-Bladhiri, Ibn 3saker and Ibn Al-Batriq , will inform you how the ARAB/MUSLIM invaders took over Churches, killed people and impose restriction on Christians how to appear in public for instance not to ride a horse or dress good clothes , having wooden crosses and many other things.

In conclusion , I don't need to know what is the ARABIZATION and the ISLAMIZATION that you ignorants with your moron Professor don't know, and if you happen to know then why you don't explain it , instead of writing some which are irrelevant to the subject.
The ARAB MUSLIMS defined their stance toward others non MUSLIMS , by their two DOMAIN, the DOMAIN of ISLAM and the DOMAIN of WAR , and that is crystal clear about their ill intentions , and the bottom line these ARAB MUSLIMS are the worst people NOT THE BETTER as their holy fake book said -are the best of people- BUT they are the worst they are people like sheep urine in the streets of LONDON,PARIS and OTHER WEST places and the WEST should take action like the MUSLIMS use to take not worst and that is enough to stop their distractive invasion.


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