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Today's Nazis...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 23 2007, 7:20:02 (CET)
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They're at it again. They're pretending that Islam is the same threat to Christians as Jews supposedly were...and it's the same people who tell us Nazis weren't real Christians, but THEY are! Of course, one day Christians will deny that THESE Christians were "real"'s a game they play. They're spreading the same slander and hate but claiming it's "pre-emptive hate"...because Islam is coming to get us so the more Muslim babies we kill the more we protect ourselves. In defending themselves the Muslims are being portrayed in the West and among our idiots, as "violent"...while we Christians, who ARE bringing violence to their homes, are the securing "peace".

The fact that Christian nations are the ones attacking and occupying Muslim nations, is said to be "pre-emptive" other words they're just taking care of a potential problem before it sweeps over them...the same thing Hitler said when he murdered people who never did a thing to him..."but ah", he said, "They WILL..."so lets kill them now".

It's the same people...the same religion.

There was no animosity or jihad or holy war or any war at all between Muslims and Christians in the MidEast until the Christians brought it. And when Muslims finally woke up, in thje modern era, and began defending themselves, even with their bodies, literally, THEY were called "terrorists" and hate-mongers.

This is classic Christian-style...they do it more and better than anyone; they accuse YOU of doing exactly what they are actually doing. Christian nations travelled thousands of miles to attack a Muslim nation that had done nothing to them, except have oil..and to justify this crime against humanity, they dreamed up this, "but they WILL come someday". Well, the only reason that they would come, someday, is because of what Christian nations are doing to them today. Are these people never to stand up and defend themselves? is a woman who gouges the eyes of her rapist to be punished for being violent? Isn't that what they're acting like; like only the violence a victim uses against an attacker is really "violence"...what the attacker is doing, he can present in any light he wants...even "liberation".

Why were Christians so pissed at Saudi for punishing the woman who was raped? How come our sympathies automatically went out to the woman...why was our sense of justice outraged that a victim would be punished further instead of defended? Aren't Christians punishing Iraqis, victims of rape and worse at the hands of the very same Christians? Aren't we furious with them for standing up and fighting back? Was there ever a better example of self-defense than what Iraq has shown...and a worse example of Terror than what Christians are doing?

And yet Christians are crying out that "Islam is coming to get us"...when THEY are the ones hunting down Muslims worldwide.


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