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"Trotters in a Gallops Race"...Aboud Dankha
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, April 23 2014, 1:22:10 (UTC)
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...I kid you not...he wrote that....perpend.

Followers of the Iraqi 2014 elections,'Assyrians',can go no further than reading pages of ' Arabic',to find out an unfolding tragedy of how our "so called" politicians,scholars,historians,"Doctors",community leaders,scientists and people of all walks of life are trading insults,swearing,humiliating and degrading each other,in their attempt to gain a seat in a parliament of a failed state called "Iraq" formerly known as Assyria.

...England was "formerly known" as Albion....France was "formerly known" as Gaul....Mexico was "formerly known" as the Aztec'll notice there isn't a single person from those former places today demanding a "return",,,,grow up.

There are (9) tickets totaling (130) or so individuals competing for (5) orphaned seats in a majority of (328) seats in "parliament".I don't call them political opportunists,nor would I call them machiavellians because opportunist political behavior is criticized for being short-sighted or narrow-minded. That is, in the urge to make short-term political gains or preserve them.
This doesn't apply to us, because we are a stateless Nation.I flatly call them Traitors with capital T,why?because they are accomplices in a crime being committed against the very indigenous people of Assyria. are not the indigenous people of Iraq...and there is no Assyria and hasn't been for a long time, read a map. You are, today, the indigestible people of a lot of nations...having made yourselves most unwelcome in Muslim lands by being real, not make-believe, traitors. You yourself are living in Australia, a country ripped from ITS indigenous people only a few short years I correct in assuming you will gladly give YOUR home back to the indigenous Aborigines? I didn't think so. So lay off belongs to the people who belong to it!

They are backstabbing their nation for being a signatory to a constitution that denies our existence and verifies the confiscation of our historical lands,wiping out our culture and renaming our Assyrian language,let alone the funny and tragic name by which we are currently called so shameful that I am embarrassed to recite .

...bullshit. YOU people are back-stabbing each other over picnics and dances! And the Aramean language is spoken by every one of our kids in Iraq...where our culture is SAFE, so long as we do our part...whereas it is where YOU live that our kids forget their language and turns out I was right, Christianity is the WORSE thing that ever happened to us.

The most laughable and tragic example is conducting interviews " elections campaign style" with candidates,asking them questions about their policies and why they should be elected to represent our people .

...and do you think at Maggie's message board, where Maggie makes sure to protect you little darlings from any "rude" language, with your 11 readers, that YOU represent anything?

Each and every interviewee is playing mother Theresa and swears that he or she is the best possible candidate for the position of representing Assyria in its attempt to secure its existence in the ocean of deliberate Arabization and kurdificatin of our lands.Assyrians are not stupid to be laughed at,we don't envy those who are trotters in a gallops race and their chance to win is 300/1.We commiserate you.

...assyrians ARE stupid...if they believe they either deserve or are ever going to get anything from anybody,,,,apparently you never learned to EARN anything...only to beg and whine.


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