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Trump's "A" list.......
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, January 15 2017, 1:21:18 (UTC)
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Website title: only one of many contrasts between this boor and Obama is the decidedly unimpressive list of people willing to perform at the inaugural, or any time. can sum it up like this...everyone Obama asked to perform for him, gladly did so....Trump is being turned down by people he would LIKE to have perform for him.

...white people had their darling Bushes...and then came Obama...that so upset whites that they elected Trump. Like they could only stand so much classy refinement and had to run to the trailer camp for this yahoo.

...the only real reason to have been upset with Obama was because of his skin color. He was not progressive, he was not liberal, he was not socialist, he wasn't even old-school democrat....there was no solid basis on which to they invented stuff....he was going to "ruin" the country etc.

..with Trump it's the other way around. There is PLENTY to dislike the guy for...most of it coming from his own mouth and fact his supporters have had to invent reasons to like Trump as vigorously as they had to invent reasons to DISLIKE Obama.


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