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Turks and "genocide"
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, April 19 2017, 14:16:13 (UTC)
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...the word has lost all meaning, like "hero",,,,and "love". It's been twisted round till it means whatever you want, whatever use you can find for it...American soldiers are not heroes, not by any previously recognized definition. When you attack a family in their home and kill off their children by first starving them to death and then, while making for the mother, the father confronts you and you manage to kill him as well, you have not behaved "heroically", I don't care how many dangers the confrontations with the mother and father caused are murderer of innocent people who never did you any harm....that was never part of the definition of Hero.

Same with genocide...Christians are embarrassed that the term was coined to define their actions and that there is no evidence of any Arab nation doing anything even they latch onto Turkey, a country Christian nations submitted to yet another genocide by ganging up on it and "targeting" Turks, and all because they wanted the oil and other resources, as they're still doing against people in that region.

A mob action is not genocide, it is a massacre....targeting innocent people just because of who they are and doing it with state-run apparatus and by official decree, that is a making a policy which says starving Iraqi babies to death in order to motivate their parents to "rise up"...THAT is genocide...or targeting American Indians for extinction, THAT is a genocide...or rounding up Boer women and children into concentration camps and then starving them to death in order to get at their men, THAT is genocide because it is an official policy of the State aimed at one particular group....let the rest of the Christian world own up to all their ACTUAL genocides, and then come talk to the Turks...without that it's just more Christian hypocrisy.


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