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Utterly Futile and Counterproductive Moral legislation
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, February 19 2009, 19:42:37 (CET)
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Is anybody home inside America’s head? Hello? We’ve tried this already...I mean Prohibition...outlawing carnal pleasures. It didn’t work then and it isn’t working now. Once Columbia was wracked to death supplying dope fiends in the United they’ve cut down overhead and moved to Mexico, right across the border...and the violence and gangs and Mafioso and Al Capone are all back and growing.

Last week a police officer was killed in his house, along with nine members of his family including two kids ages 2 and 3. The bodies of two decapitated women, yes everybody does it, were found in the back seat of a car, their heads in a cooler. Nice touch.

I read that several Latin countries want to hold a conference to re-think this idiotic war on drugs isn’t war on drugs, it’s war on the rest of us!

You can’t outlaw can punish it, you can teach kids to avoid it and most importantly you can provide the kind of social atmosphere and opportunities so people have a great deal to lose in going that route....for the rest, no one has ever proven that thousands of people don’t live perfectly productive lives while shooting up and snorting...especially if you cut out the poison and other shit drugs are cut with.

But whatever the won’t stop people from fucking, or smoking or drinking or taking has never worked and it never will.

Which makes me think someone is making money on the legal the British who forced opium on the Chinese to balance payments for tea...politicians and cops and judges stand to make tons of money for doing little more than looking the other’s too tempting and gave America her rash of Mobsters...until we threw up our hands....and we’re still here and drinking.

Also from the Sinatra book...

“Prohibition was the dumbest law in American history,” Sinatra said one night. “It was never gonna work, not ever. But what it did was create the Mob These dummies with their books and their investigations, they think the Mob was invented by a bunch of Sicilians in some smoky room someplace. Probably in Palermo. Bullshit. The Mob was invented by all those self-righteous bastards who gave us Prohibition. It was invented by ministers, by Southern politicians, by all the usual goddamned idiots who think they can tell people how to live. I know what I’m talking about on THIS one. I was there.”

Here’s an eye-popping statistic...

“In New York City on the eve of Prohibition, there were 15,000 places where a man could get legally drunk; within a few years there were 32,000 speakeasies providing the same service in defiance of the law.”

Not only that but ordinary citizens were turned into criminals...and a new class of real criminals was added onto to them....people became sneaky and cynical about law and order too. Sinatra says the kids in his neighborhood thought EVERYBODY was on the take....because now their parents were making pay offs to cops and judges and getting money in naturally the teacher and priest and everybody else was too.

Something else...there was a racial tinge to was one more in several moves made against darkies and immigrants, those who were considered lowly and constant, even habitual and maybe genetic drunks. The white rich always knew they could get was the neighborhood taverns they wanted shut down...maybe too much drinking would lead men to want to organize unions... force them all to stay home nights...

Anyway it failed miserably, after doing its damage....we’re facing the same thing again only much bigger of course. Neither the dope dealers NOR the politicians want it legalized....for one thing morality is a great thing to run for office on...for another the cops now have an entire legit superstructure with jobs and pensions and security in their “war” on the rest of us...on top of which there’s all that money for pay-offs and bribes....just too good to legalize. Except Mexico can’t stand much more of this...after all, it’s all aimed at supplying the United States....why should Mexico pay the price?.


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