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War on terror and terrorism vs Jihad
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, February 10 2009, 5:39:48 (CET)
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This war on terror and the claims that there are "terrorist cells" in the U.S. is bogus. If there were really angry terrorists here who would like to see us dead, what are they waiting for? The Neo cons who make decisions who are hated and people are angry with walk around without protection. They don't have secret service protecting them, they don't live in hiding and they have never been attacked, lynched, kidnapped or any of that. These would be the real targets by terrorists and it is these criminals who are killing people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine, Pakistan, and many other places. If I were a terrorist and angry enough, there would have been many dead politicians in Washington but the fact that none of these neo cons have been hurt, attacked or assasinated proves that this whole war on terror is a fraught. The only "Islamic terrorists" are those created by the United States government and I will never apologize for what they do because they are not my people or my group.

Terrorism and jihad is another ridiculous invention. Jihad does not mean "holy war" it does not mean "fighting" "killing" and definitely not terrorism. Jihad is an Arabic word which simply means struggle or strive. A Mujahad is one who struggles. Just like Islam is Submission to the will of God and if one were to ad the "Mu" in front of the Arabic word it would become Muslim and that is one who does the above. Jihad can be used in many ways and one example is a child studying for a math exam and struggling with it. In Arabic he would be called a Mujahid. In Islamic context Jihad has few interpretations. There are different forms of jihad and the biggest of all is the jihad al nafs. This is striving against evil, against one's own desires and that is the biggest of all. However, Jihad can also include fighting in self defense or against injustice and that is the lesser jihad. However, jihad of fighting can never be termed as terrorism and one who does so is just foolish as those who claim Muslims forced people to convert to Islam. But to some and especially common among many Christians, lying becomes totally acceptable and so does so slander. For such people and who are unwilling to learn anything else since they already know the "truth" like that punk who was not interested in debating about Muslims killing people just for religion or for not converting but claimed he already knew the "truth".

Terrorism has no race, color, religion, etc. People committ terrorism for a variety of reasons, and they plot in secret. However, Jihad of fighting is something openly declared and there is no secret plotting or being around the bush. Furthermore, Jihad of fighting can not just be declared for personal reasons or for greed, etc. It it openly declared and it is in reality declared against terrorism, injustice, oppression, etc. Women, children, elders and all who are not combatants are not to be targeted in anyway and terrorist do not take caution when they committ their acts. The two are totally different and this whole recent "jihadist" invention is a fraught just as the war on terror and Al Qaeda is. We always here and the news that Muslims are not doing anything to condemn terrorism in the name of their religion and I say that is bullshit. Just because CNN does not show anything like that, that does not mean that Muslims have not been speaking out. There have been protests, and tens of thousands of scholars have condemned and even issued fatwas. Just recently more than 6,000 Muslim clerics in India condemned terrorism in the name of Islam and issued fatwas against it, the same was done by Saudi scholars and many other places.

How about condemning the terrorism carried out by the Bush administration and by Tony Blair? How about condemning Gitmo and the millions who have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Algeria, Kashmir, Cechneya, Palestine and many other places? It seems like it is only a crime when some Muslim is the one doing it but a blind eye is turned at those who are killing millions in front of our eyes and the only thing the Christian and other non-Muslims can say is "yeah but they are not doing it for their religion". Who gives a fuck in what name the person is doing it in, and innocent people are still dying but it is only a tragedy when one Muslim kills another person but everything else is ignored. In the case of the Muslim, even when he is not even mentioning his religion Islam is still brought to trial but no other religion is mentioned. The bigoted Christians who blow up abortion clinics and beat up gays are never mentioned at all. No word on them. The web site "godhatesfags" is a fundemental Christian web site but no word on that, but these clowns talk about Iran, or Saudi Arabia not tolerating gays.


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