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We're Lying Again...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 9 2007, 22:42:15 (CET)
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The same sorts of accusations are now being leveled against the Kurds as were recently aimed at Iraqi Muslims and the government. We’re being told, this time around, that it is Kurds who want to “deny the assyrian heritage”…we hear they “deny us rights”…that “they are trying to buy us with our own money”…we’re accusing them of referring to us only as “Kurdish Christians” we accused Iraq of the same just a few years ago. There are even reports of “confiscation of land…of whole villages”…just as was claimed before. I’m surprised that old bugaboo about “Women kidnapped” hasn’t popped up…maybe it will.

In Zindalite’s own pages this week there’s an article I first read elsewhere that discusses new villages being built for our refugees from the south…a Christian mentions that they have to build a church next…meanwhile Aprim is at his old stand cursing Assyrians who accept “dirty” money from Kurds…demanding they hold out for his help…meanwhile they can just starve, with dignity.

It’s déjà vu all over again…and again.


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