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What Are We Talking About?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 9 2007, 22:43:06 (CET)
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When we claim that we need special rights and protection and a territory of our in which to be safe from the historical abuse of Muslims, what are we talking about?

Don’t we know that at the time the Arabs came and for the next several centuries the Christian West and East was burning at the stake, hanging, beheading and torturing countless fellow Christians…while we were safe under Muslim rule to grow our bewildering sects any way we wanted? If we claim the Muslims thwarted our “right” to seek converts to our faith, what did we think was being done to any Christians who attempted such a thing in Christian nations? Do we imagine that heretical sects were free to preach their heresies openly and fish for converts in Christian nations?

Just how ignorant or stupid do we have to remain in order to maintain “pride” as Assyrians?

Were Christian sects, dwelling in Christian lands, allowed to build their churches and monasteries and send missionaries anywhere or were those buildings destroyed, denuded of religious symbols, their bishops torn to shreds by competing Christians or executed by Christian governments? When Henry VIII, the “Defender of The Faith” and most Christian king closed all the monasteries in England, and hanged and beheaded several monks and priests, don’t we realize we were building even more churches and monasteries in Muslim lands?

What persecution at the hands of Muslims are we referring to? What injustices that today require us to quarantine ourselves from our brothers and sisters simply because their faith is different from and more tolerant than our own has been towards us?

What are we talking about?


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