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When Arsenio Hall lost his show
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, March 23 2011, 21:39:03 (UTC)
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it seemed like yesterday when I would watch his nightly show and it was much more entertaining than the lames we have today. But he made a mistake(though I am glad he did it) by bringing Farrakhan on his show and ask him questions. This was perhaps the only time where Farrakhan was on a show where he wasn't portrayed as the bad guy unlike FOX, CNN etc. The one time appearance by Farrakhan caused Arsenio to lose his show but something good came out of it. It confirms my claim that there is no real free-speech in America and none of the TV show people can be trusted. Today we have Bill Maher and other lames whom White people think are so funny but this is how you lose a show is by inviting the wrong guest on.

During the interview, Arsenio admitted that he was warned and told not to invite Farrakhan but he did so anyway. One reason why the most powerful Whites fear Louis is because of his great speaking ability and how he puts them to shame. They are not ready to get humiliated in their own language by someone who not even an Anglo by nature. I remember in the early 90s he used to appear on a local TV show during the day and would give tips and how to prosper and as soon as he talked about managing your money or any other important issues, the program would mess up and would straighten back up when he was finished. The same thing happened on Al Jazeera where all my other networks were working while that one wasn't for an hour.


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