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Which reminds me
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, December 29 2016, 14:17:40 (UTC)
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I have recently became a lead at my job. I have been at this job longer than anyone including the management and others. When the position became available, I wasn't gonna apply at first even though I was the most qualified among the four other applicants. So after much encouragement from my black coworkers, I applied and got the job. Before the interview, the others were treating me like invisible, as if I was not a candidate or stood a chance. They had basically turned it into a three people show. I remained quiet and didn't care. I won the interview and got the job. When it was announced, all the white people and the other applicants, turned their backs on me and only the black people applauded me. Since then, I have been disrespected multiple times and even my Supervisor believes there is definitely prejudice and racism involved. These people feel entitled and want to be in charge and it kills them that it's notb them in my position. Then one of our Supervisor got I'll and was out for several weeks and the vice president of operations, a black man, asked if I could fill in and step up for him. I agreed and this drove them more nuts because they apply and lose out on every lead position while I never applied before even though I'm most qualified and I've never rejected. Like any racist white person would do, they have made excuses that I got my job because I'm a male and an ethnic minority so they basically favorite me even though I'm not an ass kisser nor power hungry. In the end, they always lose and I've gotten a good taste of white superiority. In other words, my experience, personality, work ethics, knowledge etc had no impact, it was solely based on my gender and race. The nerves it takes when you're dealing with people who couldn't find some of the countries I've been to on the map or the four language I speak. These trailer trash actually thought they would beat me simply because they were white. How small minded they are and racists. They already backstab their own and it kills them even more if a person of color is in charge. I don't believe I would get this disrespect or reaction if I were white because we have white men who started after me and have no qualification who became in higher positions than my job. I merely a lead who makes a couple of dollars more an hour and they would even take a pay cut to be in charge because it's all about feeling in power and white superiority.


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