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White House says Cover Up...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, April 11 2017, 22:40:02 (UTC)
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White House: Russia, Syrian regime trying to 'confuse' the world over chemical attacks

..this is Bannon and his ilk's sort of dirty tricks soon as we learned of "fake news"...the ones who put out reams of it began to tell us that the reporting on fake news was itself FAKE NEWS...Orwell would be proud.

..and now, when we all see Trump and his gang desperate to cover up and being accused of covering up their collusion, comes Bannon/Trump with the charge that THEY, meaning the bad hombres, are the ones really covering up....because it looks more and more like Trump had a hand or someone knew they were doing him a great favor, by using a chemical attack to launch a major distraction.

As soon as these guys are caught or exposed or even suspected, they rush to say that YOU are the guilty one, guilty of what you just discovered THEY were doing...this kind of stuff worked well on the dolts who believed what Breitbart and the rest say....but it doesn't work when others, not so stupid, are looking at you and paying attention.


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